Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sweet Amelia

Our precious Amelia is six months old.  How can this be?

I often find myself taking in moments that I don't want to forget, purposefully committing them to memory so that I will remember them forever...even the smallest of details.   A couple of weeks ago, the kids were playing outside like usual.  It was a lovey day...a bit cooler, so I took her out in the walker to enjoy the fresh air.  We stayed on the porch so she could cruise around freely and watch the kids play.  She loved it so much.  There was a slight breeze that she seemed to enjoy on her face.  She giggled and smiled as she watch the older kids play.  It was sweet. 

There have already been more days like that one, but I want to remember that day.  There was nothing especially significant about it...we just went outside like we always do.  But it was one of those small details that struck me as a moment I wanted to remember forever.

Amelia is sitting up and just about to take off crawling.  She's scooting and just getting the hang of the arm/leg coordination for full blown crawling. I'm not sure I'm quite ready for for her to be completely mobile.  ;-)

She's very smiley and has a sweet disposition.  She's determined.  If she sees something she wants, she won't give up until she's rolled, scooted, or army crawled her way there.  It's amazing how early you catch glimpses of a child's personality.

What a be entrusted with such a gift.  Thank you, Father!


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