Friday, September 23, 2011

It's How We Roll

Why would we let a few billion days of 100+ degree temps prevent us from pitching the tent....

My husband, the fun dad, won't hesitate to set up the tent INside for his babies when it's too hot (or cold) OUTside...

Here are some of the kids enjoying a night of "camping" with their cousin, McKenzie.  The kids had a blast...but they had waaay too many comforts for camping if you ask me.  Do you see those mattresses?

That's my husband, the fun dad.

He is da bomb!

It's how he rolls...


  1. That's so neat! I'm going to send a bloggy friend who is also in Texas to come visit this blog post!

    Have a lovely Sunday
    Keri Mae

  2. Thanks Keri Mae! Hope you're having a lovely Sunday as well. :)



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