Saturday, March 28, 2009

Good Story

Too Good NOT to Pass On.....

"Fellow members of the congregation where we attend were told that their unborn grandchild had no brain. The parents were urged to abort. They were assured there was no brain, and this child would die once born anyway.They decided that since their doctors' best advice ended with the same heartbreaking scenario no matter what they chose- they were going to be the parents of a dead child- they would prefer to at least have the chance to hold her gently before she left them rather than dismember her, and they continued the pregnancy.Their baby was born on Sunday. She has a clean bill of health, including a full neurological exam and battery of tests which revealed a healthy, normal baby."

God is good!

ht: Kim C.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Cool Puzzle

Last Cool Gift Idea

Okay...last gift to share with you.....I promise! ;-) This was yet another awesome Christmas present we received from my mom. I'm sure it's not new to most of you, but it was to me. I'd never seen this before......not that I didn't think it could be done......just hadn't seen it before.

My mom gathered tons of family pics and made them into a collage using a particular computer program.....probably photo shop or something. I'm sure this wasn't easy; lots of scanning, looking, finding, placing, sorting, and any other "ing" you can think of! Then she uploaded them to this company, and the result? This super cool, memory-filled puzzle. Isn't this the best? How fun is this idea? Mom took years of memories and put them into a fun, family activity! We had a great time talking and reminiscing about all the photos as we put the puzzle together. Do you see me as a little girl? In my red and blue summer outfit? Wasn't I cute? (Say "yes"!)

Once again, Mom, thank you SO much for putting so much time and effort into this gift.....we LOVE it and will treasure it for years to come!

Now, go and make your own family puzzle and send it to someone you love! (You can click on the image for a larger view.)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Special Gift

Another Great Gift

The photo above is another special gift I received this past Christmas that I'd like to share because I think it also makes for a wonderful gift idea. It is a photo of all 16 grandchildren, plus a photo of each family (just the kids) represented. My mom is the one who put all the work into this, but I couldn't help but think what a great gift this would have been for HER.....the grandmother of all these precious kids.

Several months in advance, my mom sent each child a special T-shirt with the number/order in which they were born. Each shirt reads, "I'm # (?) gift to my Grandma and Grandpa. Romans 8:16. Then, our assignment was to take a picture of each kid wearing their shirt, and email it to Mom. It was quite a chore getting all of us to do this in a timely manner, but lo and behold, we got it done, and this was the result.

What makes this so special is that we all live in different states and don't get to watch all the nieces and nephews grow up, so this gift is truly a treasure.'re amazing and I thank you for blessing US with such a meaningful gift. We love and miss you!

Stay tuned for one more awesome gift idea......another from my sweet mom!

Friday, March 13, 2009

My Babies

My Favorite Gift

This past Christmas I was blessed with several VERY special gifts. Most of them were family related, which always make for special gifts. But my favorite was what you see above. My very sweet older two girls, Cheyenne and Celeste, went to great lengths to accomplish this one.

The girls knew I didn't have any recent photos of all the kids......and prior to this.....they had seen that some friends did something similar for their parents. SO......they enlisted the help of several of their friends to make these photos extra special. First, they let Dad in on the surprise by asking him to take me out on a date. While we were out, CJ and Bethany came over to do hair and makeup. Then, Bethany took all the photos......individuals, group shots, everything! They said wind was a problem that day, but the pics turned out beautifully! Then, Chey asked her friend Amy to order all the photos so that I would have NO WAY of knowing what they were up to. Needless to I opened each individual framed picture.....I was overwhelmed and amazed. They had even framed an ultrasound picture for our baby coming in June. I couldn't believe they did all of this without me knowing a thing. I think the most incredible aspect was that none of the younger ones spilled the beans about the surprise, though the girls said there were a few close calls.

Knowing the girls went to such lengths made this mom feel so loved. My children are such blessings......their thoughtfulness and sweet spirits never cease to amaze me! Thank you girls, for the love and effort you put into this gift. And thank you CJ, Beth, and Amy for your friendship and willingness to help my girls. You're the BEST!

There are a few other gifts I received that were special to me, but would also serve as great gift ideas for anyone. Coming stay tuned! ;-)
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