Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Murphy's Law-Voting Lines

What happens when you take a dad, a pregnant sick mom with vomit bag in tow, seven children (five of them seven and under), lots of snacks and drinks to keep them quiet, strollers, diaper bags, and a boat load of patience all in preparation to stand in line for one to two hours?


Yep, that's right. If you ever want to ensure not having to wait in line, go overboard in your preparations and expect the worst! Obviously, we were overjoyed to find that there was no line at all. Perhaps it was the time we arrived or the number of early voters, but no matter the reason, it was a relief for this sick Mama!

Since the people working the tables were not busy, all eyes were on us as we entered the building with our progeny in tow. We got the kids all settled into a corner with snacks and Greg and I approached the tables. Forget about, "May I see your ID?" or "Can I have your name?" Nope! We were greeted with wide eyes, shifting quickly from us to the kids and back to us, and the ever famous question........drumroll please........"Are they ALL yours?" Yes!

So, we voted. The kids did a fabulous job of behaving for the whole five minutes they had to wait and we were out of there. Not so fast. On our way out, we were snagged by a reporter who was admittedly enamored with our family and just HAD to ask us some questions. We obliged! With a few giggles coming from behind us, we politely answered his simple questions. Wow, who'd have thought our voting day would have been so easy and somewhat exciting! ;-)

So now it's waiting............in a few short hours we will know who will be in office next year. May we all be in fervent prayer and may we all rest in God's Sovereignty and trust His outcome!

And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to His purpose. Romans 8:28

UPDATE: Greg just found the article from the reporter. It's called "Nine voters" Start a Rush (that's us)! Click here to read it! Too funny!


  1. how cool is that!

  2. Very neat! I don't have 7, but even w/ 5 I get those comments. Other day one of the teachers said to Alisha "I was just like your Mom". I thought she had many children, but she thought I was a daycare provider, LOL!

  3. So funny! Ian and I went with a bag of snacks/books/toys too, and he didn't even make it through his bag of goldfish before we were out of there! It took us all of 5 minutes, and there was no early voting! Alabama must've been super organized this year, and my timing wasn't too bad either! ;o)

  4. SWEET!!!! I bet it wasn't because you had so many kids, but because they are all so good looking!!!!

  5. Too fun, Candace. Way to make the headlines!

    As for your kids, ya should've told the workers they were registered with Acorn! ;)

  6. That is two fun knee!

  7. I see you've dropped the quasi from your blog. I think you've earned it. ;)

  8. I am telling you, the best thing that I ever did was apply for absentee. I love mailing it in! Congrats on the no line though. Thats awesome! I loved the article too....very funny!

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