Saturday, June 26, 2010

Seth Turns Nine

Happy Birthday, Sethman!

Yes! Another birthday post. May began our first string of birthdays, and today we are celebrating Seth, now 9 years old.

We were so excited the night he was born to find that we had had a BOY! Having only two girls, it was hard to imagine actually having a boy. But there he was...all 8 lbs 11 oz of him (my biggest baby at that time).

Seth has really been the dream son. I mean, I was a little afraid of having a boy, but Seth was a very easy boy, as far as boys go. He's mild natured, very caring, a superb big brother to the five under him, and loves to help.

But at the same time, he's also very active. He loves the outdoors, baseball, basketball, and building stuff. He likes to tinker around and fix things. He's smart and thoughtful.

He also likes to draw and paint. He's interested in many different things which makes him a lot of fun. Seth is just a neat boy.

We love you big guy and hope that you have a memorable day today! We praise God for you and are humbled and honored by the young man you've become!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Celeste Turns 15

Happy Birthday Celeste

A night out to see Wicked (above)...

Celeste is an amazing young lady. With a loving nature and a sweet spirit, she's always putting others first. She loves to serve and meets needs before asked. With her quick wit, she keeps us laughing. And with her deep, genuine love, she makes this world a better place. We love you, Celeste, and we're humbled and thankful to be your parents. You are a blessing! We hope you enjoy this day...and enjoy this year of being fifteen!

She's not afraid to have fun being the zoo..

She's been my faithful week day running partner.....

She ran the 8 Miler with Blair and me.....and beat us.

Having fun fishing with Grandpa....
Happy Birthday, Sweet Girl. You are loved and cherished more than you know!

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Jonathan is One

Happy First Birthday, Jonathan!

I can't believe we're here at a year already. It seems like with each baby I have, time just moves faster and faster, causing me to pause and savor every moment. Jonathan has been such joy with his sweet disposition and heart-warming smile. He has six teeth at this point, and began walking just before 11 months. He can say Mama, Da Da, and say "Hi" while waving. Such a big boy!

We celebrated his birthday a few days ago with his bestest pals, Ian and Fiona. It was a cute little party in which we also celebrated Ian and Fiona turning one since they were all born within two weeks of each other.

Happy birthday, Jonathan. You are a precious gift and we love you! Don't grow up too fast on us, okay? :-)
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