Monday, September 28, 2009

18th Anniversary

Happy Anniversary To Us

Eighteen years ago today, Greg and I made a covenant to spend the rest of our lives together; how time flies! We met in high school my junior year, his senior year. We were married three months after I graduated. I was eighteen, he was twenty. It's been a wonderful adventure ever since! Here are some photos from the early years:

Married just two short months, I flew to San Antonio, TX from Modesto, CA to visit my soldier who was just finishing up basic training. This picture was taken at the River Center Mall on his "free day".

High School.......
Greg and I were all about sports. One of the sports we enjoyed doing together was Track and Field. Yes, that was my track uniform! Are you diggin' the Oakleys and the acid-wash shorts?

This one was during a track meet. We're resting between events.

Oh my!!! Winter Formal. Yikes!

My basketball star! Just to give a little perspective on this photo, the tall guy on the far right was 7' 2". White boys CAN jump! ;-)

Our engagement picture.

The wedding party. Unfortunately, our eight rolls of wedding photos were lost.....never to be found. What little photos we have were sent to us from sweet relatives.

Our first duty assignment was Jolly Ole England; RAF Alconbury. We were obviously bored this day and had nothing better to do than to play dress up. I am seven months pregnant with Cheyenne in this picture. Ahhh....the fun.....

And here we are.......eighteen years older and eight children later. We are blessed beyond measure, eternally thankful for each day we've spent together. Here's to eighteen more years.....and then some!

1 Corinthians 13: 4-7

Friday, September 25, 2009

Chloe Turns Five

Happy 5th Birthday Chloe

Today my sweet Chloe turns five. It's hard to believe that five years ago, on a Sunday, I went into labor with her; my water breaking at church is not an easy detail to forget. ;-)

Chloe is our shy girl, but is coming out of that shell and has become quite a spunky little character. She keeps us laughing with her silly expressions, and she melts us with those big blue eyes and amazingly long eyelashes. She loves to play dolls and dress up like a princess. She loves taking walks and LOVES to color! But most of all, she still loves to snuggle with Mommy and Daddy!

Chloe, we love you Bunny, and can't believe our fifth child born is already five! You are so special and we are so thankful for you! God was so good to have entrusted us with you! Happy Birthday, sweet girl, for you were fearfully and wonderfully made!

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Jonathan 12 Weeks

12 Weeks

I'm supposed to be posting vacation pictures. There are so many to sort through, it will take a while to get them organized. So, in the meantime, here are some recent pics of Jonathan. All photos taken by Celeste.

Okay, so this isn't Jonathan, but I just had to throw this one in. I think it's so cute!

I'm not sure what Genevieve is unhappy about.....maybe the bandana?
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