Thursday, December 28, 2006

A Life Given

Today, I received a phone call from Shirley Thompson, the Agape director, and I have to share with you the nature of the call. At Agape, we are there because we believe in the sanctity of life and believe in the mission of Agape. But often times, we don't always see the "fruit" of our labor of love. We love the days when God allows us to catch a small glimpse of what He's doing through Agape. Today was one of those days!

Back in May, a woman called Agape seeking an abortion. She was already 22 weeks pregnant with her second child. Shirley told her that we don't perform abortions, but that if she would come in, we could offer her further counseling. The woman came in, completely broken over this pregnancy. She was adamant about only having one child and was NOT going to have a second. I think she thought Shirley would somehow help her figure out how to get an abortion.

Shirley just continued to counsel her and then offered her a free ultrasound to confirm the gestation of the baby. The woman agreed to the ultasound until Shirley mentioned the doctor's name. Turns out Dr. Chen delivered her first child, so she knew he would try to "convince" her to keep her baby. Dr. Chen is on Agape's medical advisory board and provides free ultrasounds for our clients.

At the news, she waved her hand in the air as to say "NO" and walked out the door. Shirley just knew this woman was going to have an abortion, but just prayed that the right words had been spoken and that God would work in this woman's heart.

Today, the woman walked into the center with her four month old baby!!! Praise the Lord!

The woman told Shirley that she couldn't imagine life without her precious baby boy! What a miracle and what a blessing for Shirley to have been able to experience the fruit of her labor first hand. God is good and He is faithful!

Please continue to pray for Agape and the women God brings through the door!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Making Memories

We love this time of year....

The kids just couldn't wait to begin decorating for Christmas this year. We began our Advent reading on Sunday, but the decorating seemed to keep falling by the wayside. Well, last night we finally took the time to begin the decorating, and boy, did we have a wonderful time.

So, we put on the Christmas music and just watched the kids beam with excitement as they helped trim the tree!

Once we finished putting up all of the decorations, it was time to head to the table for the night's reading of Jotham's Journey, this year's Advent story. Of course, no night of decorating and Advent reading would be complete without hot chocolate and cider!

We look forward to this every year! For those of you not familiar with the Advent stories, I'll tell you a bit about them. This wonderful trilogy (by Arnold Ytreeide) begins with Jotham's Journey, then Bartholomew's Passage, and ends with Tabitha's Travels. Each story is filled with adventure and cliffhangers that eventually lead up to the birth of Jesus, which is read Christmas day! We have read all three and have started over, this year, with Jotham's Journey. The whole family looks forward to these stories each year and this year was certainly no exception. So, we gathered around the table and listened to day three's adventure while sipping (or chugging) our hot cocoa and cider. I am most certain that this tradition is one that our children will look forward to passing on to their children.

"Stir us up, O Lord, to make ready for your only-begotten Son. May we be able to serve you with purity of soul through the coming of Him who lives and reigns."
Advent Prayer

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Grammar Quiz

Your Language Arts Grade: 100%
Way to go! You know not to trust the MS Grammar Check and you know "no" from "know." Now, go forth and spread the good word (or at least, the proper use of apostrophes).

Are You Gooder at Grammar?
Make a Quiz

Okay, I know this has been posted on a couple of other blogs, but this will be for the benefit of those who don't view those blogs. Give the quiz a try and see if your grammar is up to par! Have fun and don't forget to comment on your results!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Too Cute

One of Seth's chores is to sweep the kitchen floor. He is only five, so initially, we spent some time sweeping together so that I could train him to do it properly. Well, while I was nursing Ethan, I just watched him sweep away and was so blessed to see what a great job he was doing.

He swept underneath the table (sorry for the underwear shot, I was trying to take the pic without him knowing). He even moved the highchair over and swept behind it. I know this is small, but it still excites me! Notice how intently Chloe is watching her big brother. I just know she's thinking, "I can't wait until I'm big like Seth so I can sweep the kitchen floor!" (Yeah, right!)

Well, while I'm on here, I'll just a add a quick update on my wisdom saga. Monday, the day Greg went back to work, I lasted until about 10am. I had still been feeling sick and dizzy at times. Just after Cheyenne told me to go lay down, our sweet friend, Cindy, called to say that she wanted to help out and that she wouldn't take no for an answer! Halleluiah!

We welcomed her help and she stayed most of the day taking care of the kids, which freed up Cheyenne to prepare lunch and dinner. As soon as she left, several of the kids had a meltdown and I and prayed that I would make it until their bedtime. In the middle of the chaos, Greg called home and could hear all that was going on, as well as the hopeless sound in my voice. To our wonderful surprise, about 45 mins later, there was Greg, popping out from behind the wall. I could have just burst into tears at that moment! God was so good to provide the help I needed, and just in time. I tell you, Greg is truly my hero! He was able to stay home the rest of the night! God knows our needs and meets them!

Today, Greg is at work again, but I'm finally feeling much better. It's funny to think that all of this drama is due to two wisdom teeth being pulled, but I tell ya, this kicked me in the rear! If it had just been the pain, I can handle's been all the other side effects that have slowed me down....the nausea, the numbness, the dizzines, etc. Anyway, I'm so thankful to feel better today since I have many preThanksgiving things to do. I still have all of the numbness, but I'm realizing that it's going to stick around for a long time so I just need to accept it!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!!!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Wisdoms, Part Two

Today, I feel that same nervousness that I feel when we've had a new baby and Greg goes back to work for the first time.

It's that feeling of "can I do this without Greg?"

Well, today Greg went back to work and I have that same feeling. Can I do this without Greg? I know I have the girls, but it's still not the same as having Greg here. The update is.....I am managing the pain, but I still feel queasy and I STILL have all the numbness, which is driving me crazy!!!

I have a feeling that this will stick around for some time. I read yesterday that the numbness could last weeks or months! YIKES! Please keep us all in your prayers today! I know God's grace will cover us, but I could sure use a little encouragement! Also keep Chloe and Celeste in prayer.....they are both sick! Thank you, sweet family and friends!

Update:  God provided abundantly.  A good friend came over and helped with all of the children so I could rest.  I was still feeling very queasy, so it was an incredible blessing that our friend came to minister to our family in this way.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Wisdom Teeth Removal and God's Grace

This past Wednesday I had my bottom two wisdoms removed. I was nervous, but ready to get this behind me! So, with the insertion of the IV, I was in dreamland! When I woke up I felt great, had some excessive bleeding, but other than that, I was ready to go home. Once home, I hopped into bed and relished in the joy of getting to rest and not have to worry about anything. We had scheduled the Wed night bible study to be at our house that evening so Greg and the kids finished up with the last minute cleaning. I know some of you probably thought it was crazy of us to still host the study, but, we thought it was quite clever. Having it at our house allowed the whole family to "be there"! Most of the preparations had been completed in advance so there wasn't too much to be done. So, with one simple switch of the baby monitor, I was able to hear all the sweet sounds of my friends visiting, and I was also able to participate in the lesson! It was great! The first day was a piece of cake. Well, then came the second and third days....

I was SICK as a dog!!! I thew up for two days, which then would start a chain reaction of my holes bleeding! What a pain and what a mess! The other bothersome side effect has been the loss of feeling in my jaw, chin and lower lip. I was warned of the possible nerve bruising and swelling, but, I didn't think it would last this long. Anyone experience this? My biggest fear is that this will be permanent. We're into day five and I have still not regained feeling in these areas. It is SO annoying. The final side effect of all of this has been nursing. Because I cannot eat properly, my milk supply is down. The last two days have been a bit better, but not up to par yet.

God is so good, and even in the midst of this temporary nuisance, God's grace has shone through. I have been pretty much out-of-commission these past five days, so my sweet family has had to run the show. They are doing a phenomenal job! Greg has been able to be home with us everyday (he goes back to work tomorrow), he took all of the kids to the store and got ALL of the grocery shoppong done (he was thankful for my to-the-T list), the girls have prepared all of the meals without any reminding (made easier thanks to the preplanned menu), and they have all made sure all of my needs are being met. So, even when I'm tempted to complain about not being recovered, God shows me how blessed I am. I CAN sit in bed for five days and not worry about the household falling apart....not that this is my preference, I'm pretty miserable, but, that I have a precious family who has pulled together to make things run smoothly.

I'm also reminded to keep things in perspective.....I didn't just have double hip surgery, I'm not going through chemo, I haven't been sick for a year.....I just had my wisdoms pulled, something that will benefit in the end, I hope. Yes, I know it's all relative, but I need to remind myself that this is just a small inconvenience and that I'm blessed beyond measure to have such a wonderful, caring family! Please pray that I will regain feeling soon and that I will be well by Thanksgiving! Boy, will I really be bummed if I can't enjoy all the wonderful food on that glorious day!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Mornings Like This

I love mornings like this......It's a cool, crisp morning, and the sun is shining brightly. Celeste is sitting in the rocking chair crocheting, Greg is in the kitchen making yummy oatmeal pancakes with all the little ones gathered around the island on chairs, each doing their part to help out Daddy, Cheyenne is playing with Ethan, and I am sipping my coffee and just enjoying this peaceful morning! If only all mornings could begin like this one. I will just take it all in and look forward to what the rest of this blessed day holds. May your Saturday morning be as enjoyable as ours!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

What's Up With That??

Tomorrow is supposed to reach 90 degrees here in San Antonio!!! Yeah......the middle of November.....yeah! Enough said......

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Grieved But Not Shaken

Although we are deeply grieved over the election results, especially the news of Nancy Pelosi taking Speaker of the House, we know that our Almighty God is in control and that this was no surprise to Him. We trust in His perfect plan and purpose for this election with unwavering faith! Glory Be To God for ALL things, even the things that grieve us!

For we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose. Romans 8:28

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Beauty School Dropout

Beauty school graduate....

Beauty School Dropout.......

Go back to homeschool....

Friday, November 03, 2006

It's All About the Doughnuts

Krispy Kreme - doha

It has been a tradition in our family that every other Friday Daddy brings home Krispy Kreme doughnuts on his way home from work. So, over the last couple of years, "payday Friday" has become the conversation of the little ones the night before the coveted event! When Greg calls home from work the night before, they're sure to remind him that he's bringing doughnuts home in the morning, right?

Forget "we miss you, Daddy", or "we can't wait to see you in the morning, Daddy"!'s, "Don't forget the doughnuts in the morning!" Even two year old Chloe has caught on to soon as it's her turn to talk to Daddy on the phone, her first word is none other than, "doughnuts?" And when Daddy replies, "Yes, honey, I'm bringing doughnuts home in the morning", she simply replies, "K" and hands the phone over to another kid!

Poor Daddy.....he just can't compete with "the doughnuts".

One morning he had to stop at the store, before bringing home the doughnuts, to pick up milk......'cause, we can't have doughnuts without milk! Anyway, you'd have thought that the kids were waiting for a drop of water out in the desert the way they stalked the door and window waiting for Daddy's, oh, I mean the doughnuts, arrival. When he finally arrived, the little ones ran to the door to open it! To their dismay, he only walked in with three gallons of milk! Well, instead of throwing their arms around Daddy and welcoming him home, they frantically exclaimed, "Where's the doughnuts???" To their relief, Daddy assured them that they were in the car, so a sigh of relief calmed their worrisome hearts.

But wait....there's more! Each night before Daddy is to come home with the doughnuts, tucking the kids in has become a time a convincing them that Daddy WILL. BRING. HOME. THE. DOUGHNUTS! As I'm pulling up the covers and kissing their guessed it, "Is Daddy bringing doughnuts home in the morning?" God forbid Greg can't pick up doughnuts one morning.....what will they do?

Well, today happens to be "payday Friday". Early this morning, about 5:30am to be exact, I awoke to little pitter-patters near my door. I could see that it was Sophia so I invited her to crawl into bed with me. A few minutes later Ethan began to stir, so I brought him into the bed to nurse him.

While I was nursing, Sophie began to whisper, "Mommy, I like Ethan".

I whispered back, "I'm glad you like Ethan!"

And sure enough....just moments after our beautiful conversation about how much we liked Ethan (I think we'll keep him), these words rolled off of Sophie's lips.....

"Is Daddy bringing doughnuts home?"

I guess Daddy's convincing wasn't enough last night over the phone, nor my convincing when I tucked her in last night, nor just the general repetition of doing this every two weeks. My sweet, precious babies.....

Thank you, Krispy Kreme, for being such an important, life-altering, entity in the Sabo home! Our kids wouldn't be happy without you!

Photo Credit

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Eating My Words

So much for the weather changing.......while writing my last post, I must have imagined that I live in a place that actually HAS four seasons! BA HUMBUG!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Well, it's that time of year......the weather is FINALLY changing, so I think it's safe to pack away all of the spring/summer clothes and pull out the fall/winter clothes. I'm slowly collecting big bins and sorting clothes by gender and sizes. So far, I've got clothes somewhat sorted by sizes, but have boys and girls clothes in the same bins. My goal is to have MANY bins, one for each size and gender. This way I can grab just one bin as a child creeps into the next size without sorting through numerous sizes like I'm doing now. I'd just like to save any time and effort where I can. I'm keeping an eye out for good sales on those they can be expensive otherwise. I love to be organized and with an always growing family it seems to be an ongoing process, one that never comes to completion. I enjoy the challenge, though!

Another area in which we are doing some revamping is our homeschool schedule.  I have already created a schedule being that we are well underway with our school year. But, with the addition of our sweet little baby boy, I am seeing a lack of continuity in our school day. Now, some of that is to be expected with having a new, nursing baby in our home, but I definitely feel like there are some changes in which we can incorporate into our day to make things run more smoothly.

Part of my difficulty is that Ethan is not yet on a good napping schedule. I'm quite sure the other babies were on fairly reliable nap schedules by this age. However, sweet Ethan has not settled into one yet, and when he does nap, they're much shorter and sporatic. I know in time, though, he will settle into a regular pattern and we'll be able to accomplsh more in our school day.

Aside from a non-existant nap schedule, just the mere addition of one more baby requires some changes. I don't like to have some kids wandering while others are schooling. And I don't like the TV to be the babysitter for the little ones while I'm working with the big ones. So, this will require much thinking and creativity as to how I will come up with my grand schedule so that there will be peace and continuity in our home. I am rereading Managers of Their Homes and will attempt to create a schedule that will work and make us feel like we're accomplishing something each day and not just wandering in the wilderness. This schedule will look MUCH differently than our last few, so I'm looking forward to a smoother and more efficient home in the days to come.

The one area where I have accomplished organization and efficiency is our meal planning. For the most part, I have always planned our meals and and shopped according to our menu. But now, I have completed four master menus with a master shopping list to go with each menu. Each menu covers a two-week peroid, so with four menus, this gives us two months worth of meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner). Once we go through all four, we just start over. I LOVE not having to think about what to eat or what we need at the store. If we want to incorporate a new recipe, I just make the change to the master list and it's done! Hurray!!! One area that has been conquered!! In addition, with two older girls who have been well-trained in the culinary department, mealtime has become the least of my worries, and something to enjoy!

Update:  We now have eight menus along with their master grocery lists. 

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Family Portraits

Yesterday was a special day for our family. I say special because we did something we haven't done in years! We had professional family pictures taken!

The last time we did this was about ten years ago, and that was just an Olan Mills type thing. We've had several family pictures done for church directories, but that's it.

We had a blast! The photographer was terrific.....her name is Jena and her studio is called Photography By Jena. She took us to a beautiful nature center filled with bright yellow sunflowers and wonderful trees. We took most of our pictures on a cute, rustic bridge with the flowers as our backdrop.

She got great shots of just the children, shots of the whole family, of course, individuals of each of the kids, and some sweet, romantic shots of Greg and me. Aside from a couple of meltdowns from Chloe, the session was great! We can't wait to see how they turned out!

This was a special treat for our family and I look forward to seeing a beautiful family portrait hanging on our wall. As soon as we view our pictures, we will be given a website address for family and friends to view as well. So, stay tuned.....

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Walking for Life

Yesterday was Agape's Third Annual Walk For Life fundraising event. Many came out, in the rain, to raise money for the Agape Pregnancy Help Center. At Agape, we belive it is our mission and our responsibility to inform women of the precious life, in which God created, that is being carefully knit inside of them.

Thank you to all who sponsored me for this walk and to those who continually support Agape through your sweet prayers and appreciated donations! If you're not familiar with this ministry, please click on the link to the right and get to know Agape!

For you formed my inward parts; You covered me in my mother's womb. I will praise you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Marvelous are your works, And that my soul knows very well. My frame was not hidden from you, when I was made in secret, and skillfully wrought in the lowest parts of the earth. Your eyes saw my substance, yet being unformed. And in your book they all were written, the days fashioned for me, when as yet there were none of them.
Psalm 139:13-16

If there is ever a day when we question how much God loves us, or question His plans for us, may we read this Psalm and be assured of His infinite love and how intimately He knew each of us, even before we were yet created! To God Be The Glory!

Friday, October 13, 2006

He's Four Months

Our sweet little boy is already four months old! My, how the days seem to fly by! Before we know it, he'll be walking and talking and running around with his siblings! It's this very thought that reminds me to slow down and enjoy each and every moment of his baby days! Even in the midst of the fussiness, the crying, the too-short naps, and the round-the-clock nursings, I am filled with thankfulness and joy for the moments God gives us with our precious children. May He continue to bless our family and yours!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

New Blog Adventure

Well, here we go.....A journey into the unknown. At this point, I'm not sure what I'm doing, but as with most unfamiliar undertakings, I'll figure things out as I go! I know in time I'll conquer this blogging adventure and hopefully have a beautiful place where family and friends can take a peek into our home-life. As for now, the dynamics of our home is a peaceful one. The older babies are resting soundly, Cheyenne is sewing happily, and Celeste is graciously playing with baby Ethan while I publish my very first post! So, until next time.....
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