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Welcome to Sacred Mommyhood and thanks for stopping by!

I'm Candace.  I have been married to the love of my life, Greg, for almost 25 years.  I married just three short months out of high school at the young age of 18.  We never thought we'd have a large family, but here we are eleven children later, and open to more.  Children truly are a blessing.  We are a homeschooling family, and have graduated our two oldest.  We strive to teach them to serve God and love others, all while navigating the daily challenges of raising a large family. 

I hope you'll find this blog to be an encouragement along the way of your sacred Mommyhood journey, as well as informative, as I share tips for homemaking, homeschooling, organization, feeding a family on a budget and much more. Motherhood, as rewarding as it is, can also be challenging and just plain hard.  But when we're purposeful in supporting one another, and encouraging rather than tearing down, the journey seems much easier, doesn't it?

Please let me know how I can pray for you, or what topics interest you the most.  I love hearing from my dear readers.  Blessings!

Meet the rest of the crew.....

This is our oldest daughter, Cheyenne, with her sweet husband, Nathan.  Cheyenne is 23 and she and Nathan have two precious boys....Grey and Miles.

Celeste is 20 and away at college.  She attends New College Franklin in beautiful Tennessee. Celeste has really enjoyed being there and has been challenged greatly spiritually and academically.  She enjoys art and missions.  She's traveled to Africa three times to love on the orphans. She will be marring David, a fellow student, this August 2016.  We are so happy for them!

Seth is 14. He is a hard-working young man with a quiet countenance.  He loves to build things and fix anything he can. He and his dad have a small lawn care business on the side and Seth plans to take it over soon. He also plays the guitar, and is progressing nicely.

Sophia is 13. She is good at anything she sets out to do. She loves to play piano and is an avid reader. She goes through books faster than I can keep up. She also loves sports and can run as fast as the wind.

Chloe is 11. She loves to help me and is so good with the little ones. She loves art and also takes piano lessons. She has the loveliest long eyelashes.

Ethan is 9. He is so funny and seems older than he is. He's rough, but super loving. He loves to wrestle, build with Legos, and have fierce sword fights. His smile melts our hearts.

Genevieve is 8. We call her Rapunzel because she has very long hair. She loves to color and loves to read. She loves, loves babies!

Jonathan is 6. He's our super-sweet boy who loves all things janitorial. He loves brooms, vacuums, and garbage cans. He's fascinated with tractors and would love to own a real one.

Amelia is 5. She's our strong-willed one. She loves to play in the dirt and find beetles. She loves to be outdoors and get as dirty as possible. She's a sweetie and gives wonderful hugs.

Grace is 3. She is so sweet! She loves to wrap her arms around my neck and play with my hair. She has a bubbly personality. She loves music and loves to dance. 

Anna Faith is 1. She was our earliest walker, walking at 8 1/2 months.  She is such a joy!

I apologize for the five year old photo.  One of things on our to-do list is to get updated family photos!

Photo: October 2011
You can find more of my articles over at The Marathon Mom, where I am a regular contributing author.
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