Monday, February 25, 2019

Grocery Haul #2 (Costco, HEB, Walmart)

Under budget grocery haul for family of eleven!  Thanks for watching!


Monday, February 18, 2019

Fried Potato Tacos (Video)

Another great video contributed by my parents! We grew up eating these and they're so good! Give 'em a try! Please don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe! Blessings!


A Valentine's Day Gift Unboxing

I was absolutely giddy over this gift! It was truly made for me!


Easy Taco Soup (Crock Pot)

My dad not only edits my videos, but he also contributes recipes on occasion. This one is from my parents. Enjoy!


Quick and Easy Meatball Stroganoff in the Crock Pot

By the time we get home from church on Sundays, the kids are hungry and ready to eat! This is one of those meals you can start in the crock pot before you leave, and will be ready by the time you get home. Win!


Large Family Grocery Haul

Come along as I shop at Costco, HEB, and Walmart to feed our large family for two weeks. Check back regularly for many more hauls to come!

Please don't forget to like, comment, and SUBSCRIBE! Blessings!


Two Week Menu Plan and Shopping Lists (Video)

A quick overview of how I currently menu plan.


A Music Festival and a Milkshake

It's times like these that I am thankful for the ability to document our lives on YouTube. I'm new to this type of social media, but I know years down the road, I will be so glad to have moments like this on video. Come check out my channel. Don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe!



Organizing Busy Schedules

Sacred Mommyhood joins YouTube. Watch how we keep our busy lives in order when everyone is going in different directions sometimes. Centrally located in our main living area, this jumbo calendar helps to keep us on track!


How to Make Easy Artisan Bread (Video)

Years ago, I wrote a blog post on how to make this delicious Artisan bread. Well, now here it is on video. Come check out my channel on YouTube. Don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe! 



Sacred Mommyhood Joins YouTube!

My dad and I teamed up to start a YouTube channel. I film our large family life and he edits the videos. Pretty good set-up, right? And, my parents even contribute a recipe video once in a while to keep up with regular content.

Come and check us out and don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe!

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