Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Quick Tip: Freezing Bell Pepper

To quickly add bell pepper to your soups, chilies, or casseroles, simply dice them up when you bring them home from the grocery store.....

Put them in a freezer bag in the desired amounts....

And store in the freezer!

I LOVE red, yellow, and orange bell peppers.  And I love to cook with them, adding beautiful color and nutrition to my recipes.  Here, I used red peppers because during the summer they are at their cheapest price.  I usually buy a six pack of multi-colored peppers for just under $7.00 at Sams, which comes to about $1.16 a piece.  But when on sale, I stocked up on Red Bell Peppers for $0.88 a piece. 

Frozen peppers are fine for adding to soups, chilies, and casseroles.  But if you're making Fajitas or just want to eat them as a snack...leave them fresh. 

What veggies do you love to store in the freezer to speed up your meal prep time?


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