Sunday, January 27, 2008


I've been tagged.......again!

Okay, here's six not-so-important things about me:

1. Growing up I was a complete tomboy! I really had no use for girls and the things girls did. Boys were much more fun.......they played rough sports, weren't emotional and didn't care what my hair or clothes looked like! In sixth grade, I played Little League baseball. My positions were first base and catcher. Later, I went on to play (girlie) softball in highschool where I made MVP. Those were the days! My sophmore year in highschool, I played football. Yes, football. On the boys team! I told you I was a tomboy! My positions were split end and defensive back. I was good and I loved the game. I even made front page news in my hometown. And NO, I would never let MY girls play......are you is dangerous and SO unlady-like! ;-)

2. Also growing up, I always said I was never getting married and NEVER having kids........

3. I cringe when people sneeze near me, especially behind me! It gives me the heebie-geebies!

4. Josh Groban's music can bring me to tears. Not much else can!

5. Having many children has mostly cured my germ phobia. Although, I still have occasional issues with restaurants and what employees do behind the scenes!

6. I have several OCD's. One is, the four pillows on my couch HAVE to be placed with the pattern sitting vertically with the seam down. It irritates me when someone places them any other way but this way! I'll spare you from rest!

I think everyone I know has been tagged except Adrienne.


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