Thursday, January 24, 2008

Helping Children

Always ready to help.......I think?

The scene this morning:
Celeste runs upstairs to check on the little ones. You know.........when it's TOO quiet, something's up! She finds Seth, Sophia and Ethan in the bathroom. Ethan has no pajamas on and NO diaper.

Celeste: What are you all doing in here?

Sophia: We're trying to get Ethan pottied!

Celeste: He's not ready yet! Get his diaper and jammies on right now!

So then Sophia comes running to the stairs and shouts down to me, "Mommy, Ethan WANTS to be potty trained!"

Me: Oh really! Well, we'll have to think about that one! (Shaking my head, I send Celeste back up to get Ethan dressed.)

The funny thing is, the little ones probably COULD "get Ethan pottied"! I have to admit......I do love their enthusiasm!


  1. Can I borrow your little ones to help me potty train Trinity? LOL We'll be starting soon, now that I think she is ready....or actually...ahem...uhh...I am ready. You have great little helpers.

  2. My girls are always eager too - but I think for them it is all about the candy. :-)

  3. You have children wanting to potty train your other children??! And you DON'T want to let them try? I'm confused..... ;)


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