Monday, January 07, 2008

Finally Nursing

Mama and Baby G are both doing fine. Candace is very stable and her BP hasn't taken any big dips in awhile. She is now eating chicken soup and sipping on a VERY large bottle of chlorophyll! Janet will continue to monitor her for a few hours.

G has nursed several times now like a pro. She likes to suck on those fingers when she's not nursing.

Thanks to all who have been checking in by blog, email, or phone. Your prayers have meant the world to Greg and Candace. Keep them coming!

This will be my last post for them. Hopefully Proud Daddy will be able to post some pics soon.

 -Aubrey for all here


  1. Awesome! Can't wait to see those pics of the new gal. Congrats to Candace and Greg and the rest of the clan! Will keep praying for smooth recovery and lots of rest for Mom and baby.

  2. That is such a relief to hear. I am glad that mommy and baby are doing great! I can't wait to see those pics!!

  3. Anonymous3:14 PM

    Rest, Candace, rest! I know you have so much love around you and are well cared for. I will wait to call till things quiet down. THANK YOU for the updates!! They have been WONDERFUL! Sending Texas size hugs your way,

    Love Coneen and family

  4. I just emailed you the pics that were on my camera. You look so lovely! Great job Candace!

  5. Glad to hear that everyone is happy and healthy....can't wait to see a pic of the beautiful new addition!!!

  6. Very relieved that all is stable now, sounds scary! Praying for you and can't wait to see pictures and get to see you and the baby, Candace! And my girls LOVE the name!

  7. You're not allowed to scare me like that! :) I'm so glad things are better (you're definitely going to need some Starbucks in the next few days...just let me know when you're ready for the Cole coffee delivery service)! Love ya!

  8. Congratulations, Sabos! It's been so exciting to know what's going on, and so great to know exactly how to pray for you and the baby. I'm sure she's just adorable! Glad you're better now, Candace.

  9. We are praising with you now that everything appears to be settled down! We will continue to pray for your healing and transitions as you enjoy that sweet blessing!


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