Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Family Update

Just some updates.........

Can you believe I'm just FOUR days away from my due date? I can't believe it! The funny thing is.......I'm still in no rush to go into labor. I think it's because I REALLY want to hold out until my mom gets here on the 4th. Just rwo more days........I think I can hold on! ;-) Initially, she was only able to stay one week, but thankfully, she was able to extend her stay to TWO WEEKS! Yippee! Now I feel like we have time..........time to visit, time for the baby to come, and time to enjoy the baby once he/she arrives!

I have been SO lost without our digital camera! It broke some time ago and I've realized it's not as much fun posting on the blog without pictures to go along with some of the posts. I'm sure we'll replace it soon, but before the birth! We do have a video camera, and a stock pile of disposable cameras, but without a digital, I can't zip out pictures of the baby to friends and family right away! SOOOOO, if you're coming to my birth (and you know who you are), will you PLEASE bring your digital camera with you? At least that way you all can email me the pics and I can email those out! I would really appreciate it!

A few friends have asked about the latest on our house situation. Well, as you know, we have not sold our current home yet, so the possibility of moving is looking slim. Although the new house is still not completed, we received a phone call the other day from our sales rep telling us that the "head honchos" want to cancel our contract because we have not sold our house. Honestly, we couldn't help but just laugh about it! If they want to cancel before the house is even finished, so be it! Our sales rep is still trying to fight the big guys and convince them to hold onto the contract until the house is done (at least another month), so we'll see what happens. In the end, it really doesn't matter though. God in in control and He already has a plan for the Sabo family so we'll just sit back and watch what He does in this situation. In the meantime, we'll just focus on the arrival of this sweet baby and enjoy my mom being here. I guess the only thing we may do if the contract is canceled is take our house off the market so we can rest and enjoy the baby without the hassel of showings!

Please keep in prayer the Cambron family! Many of you know already that Charles is leaving for Iraq for the second time in a couple of days. He'll be gone for four months. Please pray for his safety while he's away and the peace of knowing his family will be taken care of. Pray for Stacey and the kids as they wait for his return. May God fill them with His peace and comfort and may those of us around them minister to them daily! We'll miss you Charles! Thank you for all that you do to protect your country!

I guess that's all for updates. Hopefully my next post will be labor and baby news! Happy New Year!


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