Monday, May 07, 2007

Random 7 Meme

I was tagged by Granny so here goes. I may just go over seven since there are more than seven cool things (or not) about me that you should know. ;-) I'll try not to go overboard!

*I LOVED sports as a kid! And since I was a total tomboy, I was the only girl to play on my high school JV football team. I made the front page of our local paper, which was actually quite uncomfortable for me. I just wanted to play football, not stand out in the crowd!

*I lived in the Arctic Circle from the ages of 6-7. We lived on a small sandbar called Kotzebue. It was GREAT! In the summer it was light all day and in the winter it was dark all day! During one blizzard, our house was completely covered and my dad had to dig us out! Very cool!

*I climbed Half Dome in Yosemite National Park at the age of fifteen. I didn't climb the face, I climbed the side. When I got to the top I crawled to the face and dangled my head over to look down! I still get the chills at the thought of doing something so DUMB! Hey I was fifteen and daring!

*When we lived in San Angelo I was in a restaurant commercial and three magazines.....and not by accident, I was chosen.  Yeppers. San Angelo is small potatoes, but it was fun!

*I've had two major political encounters that don't exactly afford me any bragging rights. First, I shook hands with President Bill Clinton during the 50th D-Day celebration in Cambridge, England in was a beautiful ceremony! Prime Minister John Major and Walter Cronkite were also featured that day. The second, I received a personal letter from Assemblyman (at the time) Gary Condit, you know the "Chandra Levy conspiracy" guy, congratulating me on my "football endeavors"! Think I could get anything on eBay for it?

*My brother and I were extras in an independent film in Los Angeles starring Henry Winkler (The Fonz). It was a funny story that I will share another time. We had a blast! I even got to go to "wardrobe"!

*I went to six elementary schools, three junior highs and three high schools, and still managed to be nominated for homecoming queen twice, my junior and senior years. Trust me, I was not overly thrilled! I was an athlete, not a girlie homecoming queen. Needless to say, I wasn't heartbroken over not winning.

*In high school, during the President's Challenge, I did 78 full sit ups in one minute, beating out all the girls.......and the boys!

*Also in high school, my third and biggest high school, I won the girls triathlon, Greg won the boys! We were meant to be! :-)

*The most exciting thing about me currently is that I am expecting baby number seven, due to arrive in early January!

UPDATE:  Genevieve Julee was born January 7, 2008.


  1. I'm so excited for you! Congratulations!

  2. Candace,

    Praise the Lord! Congratulations!

  3. Oh, glory! Congratulations, Candace. Very exciting!


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