Monday, May 21, 2007

Family Udates


I am very happy to report that my grandmother is resting comfortably at HOME! She is already improving wonderfully from her stroke. She can walk with some help and her speech has improved as well. I was able to speak with her very briefly yesterday and it sounded like Grandma, but different! Her speech was a bit labored and slurred, but I know she is improving each day! God has been so merciful and gracious and we are so thankful for His love and comfort! My family thanks each of you who have been lifting them up in prayer. They have felt the prayers and ask that you would continue prayer for healing and strength.


Well, morning sickness is slowly creeping upon me. I have been so thankful for each day I've had with minimal sickness. I'm still praying and hoping that this pregnancy will not be as bad, but also preparing myself for the worst. Mainly, I'm just tired and have that slight "off" feeling so far. My sense of smell has heightened a bit and my saliva glands are starting to misbehave, but still holding strong. Please pray for a more tolerable pregnancy and pray for God's mercy and strength to cover me throughout the pregnancy. I'm so thankful for this new life being carefully knit inside of me and would not change a thing, even knowing what I may be in for! I am 7 weeks and 2 days along......just 33 weeks to go! Wow, that sounds like a long time!  ....sigh....


My goodness!  Just five days until we are CA bound! We are so excited, but I have to admit that I am absolutely dreading all the packing I have to do for our family! I am slowly mentally preparing and trying to write things down so I won't forget anything important. I'm sure I will forget something, being that I get serious "pregnant brain", which seems to get worse with each pregnancy! Today, I will unearth all of the suitcases and lay them out in my room. Each day I will add a few things to each suitcase so I won't have to rush at the last minute. We'll see how it all turns out!

I guess that's all the updating for now. I hope you all have a wonderful week!


  1. Glad you're managing so far, and I hope your sickness will be "easier" this time around. Have a wonderful trip!

  2. I am praying for you Candace! You are so strong. Some of us just have to work a little harder to have a baby, that's all! You were so great to me while I was sick, I hope I can do the same for you.


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