Saturday, May 12, 2007

Agape Pregnancy Help Center Banquet

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Thursday night was Agape's 10th Annual Fundraising Banquet. I can't even begin to express how powerful the evening was to do it any justice! I wish I had pictures to share, but I will just try to give a quick synopsis of the evening!

It was our privilege and honor to have Dr. Alan Keyes as our keynote speaker. He was dynamic, funny, and hit the nail on the head as far as the message! He truly drove home the point of how we as Christians should be on the front lines of saving precious lives. We need to speak for the unborn, who have no voices. And when did taking human life become acceptable in our eyes, simply by changing the word "baby" to "fetus"! Again, my words cannot do justice to the words he so eloquently brought fourth! I know we were all touched very deeply and I was encouraged to work harder for the  unborn and the precious mothers who are tricked (by the world) into believing that there is no other choice!

Shirley Thompson, the Agape Executive Director, did a magnificent job of conveying her thoughts for this ministry. Her words were very personal, very honest, and she challenged each of us, especially pastors and churches, to offer their support to this ministry.

We also had two client testimonies as part of the program. I think the testimonies are my favorite because they're the reason we're here. Only they can tell us how God has worked in their lives through Agape. I am so blessed and privileged to be a part of this ministry!

Pastor Steve Branson was our MC again. He's done this for several years and always does a wonderful job! I think this year, though, was the best. He shared a wonderful story of how God used him in a difficult situation and then applied it to Agape and how God can use each of us even in the most difficult situations! His words throughout the night were important, relevant and heartfelt!

Dr. Scott Farhart sang a song called Blue Eyes Like Janey's. I have no words.........I will say that we were deeply touched by the message in the song!

God truly blessed the evening and blessed Agape with the resources needed to sustain two centers. He is always faithful to provide every year and I give Him the honor, glory, and praise!

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