Thursday, May 17, 2007

A Surprise Party

I know I seem to brag about my older girls a lot, but I just have to do it again!

Yesterday was my birthday and my sweet girls, with the little ones' help, threw me a surprise birthday party! While I was out for a birthday lunch with Greg, the girls cleaned the house, baked a cake, and decorated the house with balloons and streamers.

I am constantly amazed by my girls.  How did I become so blessed as to have these thoughtful, kind, and hard-working children? I'm just not that good of a mother to have produced them!  :)

Okay, back to the party.......

As I entered the house, I was greeted by Celeste, taking a picture of the surprised look on my face! When I rounded the corner into the kitchen, all of the kids were seated around the table and shouted, "Surprise!".  Then they all sang Happy Birthday! It is a moment that will forever be imprinted in my mind and heart! It was precious!

After the song, we ate cake and I opened my cards.

It was the best birthday EVER! Thank you, my sweet girls! I love you!!!


  1. That is so sweet! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Happy Happy Belated Birthday!! Your girls are amazing! Can't wait to meet them! 34? You're still a young'un! So excited about your upcoming trip! AND the baby! Have a blessed day! Thank you for sharing! :) Coneen

  3. What sweet girls they are! You are blessed, but do not forget that they are blessed with amazing parents!!!! See ya soon! Doesn't that even sound GREAT

  4. Awe, I got goose-pimples lol.


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