Saturday, April 28, 2007

Sewing Lessons

Over the last year, we've gotten to know a sweet family from around the corner. They have recently begun homeschooling their two older children, and now love the idea of them having more time on their hands to learn new skills. When their oldest daughter, Erin, heard that Cheyenne and Celeste knew how to sew, she asked if they would teach her! The girls were thrilled! Here are some pics of the first lesson!

Here is Cheyenne teaching Erin the very basics.....threading the machine!

Now Celeste is showing her how to install and thread the bobbin.

Some of the other things the girls covered: Winding the bobbin, how to read a pattern, cutting out a pattern, basic stitching and trouble shooting the machine! Erin wants to make a skirt, so they took her measurements and pinned the pattern. Next week they'll have her cut her pattern and begin sewing it together.

It was so neat watching them work heart smiled!


  1. Anonymous1:55 PM

    Gramie's girls :) One of my most favorite things to do! Sigh..wish I was sewing now instead of typing :-)

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