Thursday, October 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Sophia

Our Sophia is a big 9 today! She is a lovely young lady with many interests. Above, she is playing in a recital with Big Sis Cheyenne. Sophia loves the piano and is growing in the skill rapidly.

As you can see here, she has exceptional brain ability. lol She can cross one eye while leaving the other in the center. I'm tellin' ya...the girl is a genius! ;-)

Her other loves are reading, biking, running, baking, and art. She also loves to write recipes and music. She's a go-getter!

But Sophia also has a wonderful heart. She loves Jesus and she loves her family. She's always willing to help and loves to give. At present, she really wants to build a well in Africa, so we're brainstorming as a family to make that happen. She's our drive behind this project, so we hope we don't let her down.  I think we'll be baking and selling A LOT of bread!  :)

Happy Birthday, Beauty!  We are so thankful that God created you, and we pray you have a GREAT birthday!


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