Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Busy Week

We have had a wonderful week of fellowship with our sweet friends.  We have enjoyed late night talks and early morning cups of coffee.  I've enjoyed runs with Dan, and talks about the faithfulness of God with Lori and Dan.  It has been such a blessing having them here and we're so privileged to have hosted them.  In a few days they'll be heading to VA to visit Dan's family...and then they head back to Costa Rica.  We will miss them dearly!

Aside from enjoying company, we've also had other things going on along with normal, crazy life, which is usually busy enough.  Here are a few snippets of what we've been up to and why I haven't blogged in a week.  :)

Wedding:  We've had a couple of wedding related appointments.  Saturday, all the bridesmaids went to Cheyenne's dress fitting.  It. fit. perfectly!  No alterations needed!  Woohoo!  The only thing we need to do is the bustling.  She looked incredibly beautiful!  After the fitting, we all went out for lunch at Panera.  Yum! 

Then, on Sunday afternoon, we met with my wonderful friend, Hollie, who is graciously making the wedding cake.  We had a "cake meeting" to discuss all the details and finalize a cake design.  I know Hollie will do an incredible job and I can't wait to see the final masterpiece. :)  If you get a chance, head on over to Hollie's Food for Missions blog and check it out!

All the other details are coming along.  We have the invitations in hand.  Cheyenne made return address labels and put them on, as well as stuffed the envelopes.  All we have to do is address them.  We have the wedding dress, of course.  Now we just have to protect it form the elements of the Sabo household.  lol  Sunday after church, we picked up Celeste's Maid of Honor dress and my niece's bridesmaid dress.  We reserved most of the linens, and will only add more as RSVP's trickle in.  We have the venue reserved.  We have most of the centerpieces purchased for assembling.  Most of the groomsmen have been measured for their tuxes.  We have a few friends who have offered to sponsor desserts for the wedding, or other things.  Isn't that awesome?  Whew....I think that's it so far.  Things are progressing so I am feeling less overwhelmed with wedding details. 

House Hunting:  No...not for us, but for my other best friend, Stacey.  They Cambrons are moving back to Texas from Colorado Springs and I have had the honor of looking at homes for my sweet friend.  As she has found homes online, I've gone to look at them in person to report back to her the details.  It's been fun...and I can't wait to have the Cambrons back in Texas!  YAY!

Painting:  I finally painted a room in our home.  I started with the master bedroom.  It looks FABULOUS!  I have never been so pleased with a color before.  It's called Weeping Willow.  It's a muted, sage-y, very earthy green.  It's peaceful and tranquil and I just LOVE it!  My older girls moved all the furniture and took off the hardware and got everything prepped and ready.  Then, Dan, the girls, and I painted.  We did it all in the two hour rest time that all the little ones were down.  It was perfect!  Team work got the job done FAST!  I've still got to get up a few pictures on the wall and then I'll post pictures.

Church:  Since Greg is a deacon, we've had a few deacon related responsibilities that have kept us busy too.  Our church just had our annual family retreat and then we celebrated Pastor Appreciation Month to honor our wonderful pastor.  It's a privilege to serve along side my husband, helping him with various tasks while he serves his church family.

Chicken Pox:  We exposed our four youngest kids to the Chicken Pox yesterday evening.  We're hoping within the next couple of weeks that we'll see spots.  We've chosen not to give our children the vaccine, so it's very important that they get the Chicken Pox as children to gain lifetime immunity.  So here's praying....   Oh, and if you live in San Antonio and need to expose your children, contact me and I'll let you know if we're successful!  :)

I think that about covers our week.  It's been busy, but wonderful!  Hope you all have a great rest of the week...and check back for more posts.  I have about four that are nearly ready for posting. :)


  1. Anonymous2:03 PM

    That Dan is a great "painting helper"! He helped me paint a room when I moved in with a friend. What a guy. :) So fun about Cheyenne... I remember those fun pre-wedding days! Sigh.. ~Annie J.


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