Saturday, January 10, 2009

The BEST Day of His Life

Today, our seven year old son, Seth, gets to go to the Monster Truck Jam. It's his friend Zach's birthday, so a whole group of boys are going. Not only are they going to the Jam, but they're going to have a tail gate party in the parking lot, then they're going to the pit party where they'll see the trucks and drivers up close! Oh man, every boy's dream, right? I've kept it a secret for several days, and finally let the cat out of the bag yesterday afternoon. So, last night when Seth came to say goodnight, this was our conversation:

Seth: "I think tomorrow will be the BEST day of my life!"
Me: "Well, I'm excited for get to bed because you'll have a late night tomorrow."
Seth: "Will I get to stay up until midnight?"
Me: "Probably not midnight, but pretty late!"

Seth: With a HUGE grin on his face, he heads upstairs. I wonder if he slept at all!

So, this morning he's up at the crack of dawn. He's all ready to go even though he's not being picked up until 2:00pm. He's completely dressed, with shoes, jacket, AND a backpack.

Seth: "See? I'm all ready!"
Me: "I see that. Good job. I'm not sure you'll need a back pack, though."

Seth: "Well......I have my binoculars in it so I can see everything really well."
Me: "Oh, good thinking. Okay, you can take the back pack."

So now it's breakfast time. Greg's making pancakes when Seth declares, "I'm not really hungry so I'll just have one."
Me: "Just one? You'll still be hungry!"

Seth: "I'm saving room for cake!"

The boy's been cracking us up all morning! He is going to have a great time! Thank you, Steph, for making this possibly the BEST day of Seth's life! ;-)


  1. There has been many similar conversations happening at our house! Dirk told the boyz last night when Tim got here....much whooping and yelling. I think the floor was shaking. I am sure they are all going to have a BLAST today...and be sleepy tomorrow!

  2. Much of the credit has to go to Ruth and Juan who drove all over town to get the tickets for me while I was at work. I have the best neighbors!

  3. How cute is this (Steph sent me it) wish my nephew (Zach) happy bday for me!

  4. Aww! Too cute! Loved the day of dialogue you shared too. Hope you're feeling well now! :)

  5. That is awesome!

  6. I love, love, love boys! They are so full of life and easy to please. Mine crack me up all the time. I love them!


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