Saturday, January 31, 2009

Blog Fog

I'm In A Blog Fog

What is that exactly? Well, you think of something to post, but once you sit down to compose the post, what you thought was a full brain of great thoughts are now but a mere fog! Can you hear my virtual scream??? Yes, my lack of new posts is mainly due to a very foggy (and pregnant) brain. Ohhhh, how I love to blame my plight on pregnancy. It's really my only excuse, you know!

Throughout my day, ideas will fly into my brain and I think, "Cool! I'll blog about this!" But by the time I HAVE the time to sit down and actually blog about it, not only does it not seem as exciting anymore, but I can't even write well enough to MAKE it exciting. Or important. Or funny. You get the picture.

So for now, I may have to rely on old pictures or other people's posts just to keep this blog alive until the dense fog lifts. So, until then......

Ya see? I can't even think of a closing line!


  1. Anonymous11:26 PM

    You could always blog about the baby! For us that are faraway that would be so cool to read about. That also wouldn't take too much time or effort to write about. Love you guys and miss you much.

  2. I think you should call and talk on the phone more...I sooo enjoyed talking to you today! I miss you and your family!

  3. Blog fog! lol! That's a perfect term for it - something I'm definitely experiencing lately too. Thanks for trying! :)

  4. HeHe :) I'm in the same spot... except I have "nursing a newborn" brain.

    I'm also having a problem keeping up with reading blogs, so I don't mind if someone has a little "blog fog" once in a while :)

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