Saturday, January 24, 2009

I couldn't have said it better myself........thanks Jess!

Questions to Consider

Have you ever wondered...

*what life would have been like during your growing up years if 1/5th of the population hadn't been aborted?

*if one of those aborted people would have been your best friend? A co-worker? A pastor in the church down the road? A plumber in your community? The Mayor? A special-ed teacher?

*if our economy would be stronger now with 20% more people contributing ideas, work, taxes, and energy, had they not been aborted?

*how the average Nazi lived with the knowledge that millions were dying in their midst, and then stopped to realize that we're no different?

*if we might end up like the aborted nations of Russia and almost every European nation, with dwindling populations and the death of our culture and nation around the corner?

What would happen if every Christian...

*committed to love and serve pregnant women and their children, no matter the circumstance?

*gave sacrificially of their time and money to support crisis pregnancy clinics and stand as a silent protester and potential counselor for those women walking into baby killing centers?

*publicly loved and welcomed even "the least of these" (those deemed less desirable because of handicaps, learning difficulties, or family situation)?

Everyone knows it's a baby. Just like the Germans who could smell the smoke near the killing centers in WWII, the murder of our brothers and sisters is unthinkable and yet undeniable.

As I type this, my ten-month old son is grizzling as he falls asleep... and I can't help but weep as I think of those babies who will never exercise their lungs with a good healthy cry. Those who have their skin seared by salt solution, administered by a doctor who swore to protect life. Those who have their limbs ripped from their tender bodies in the one place they ought to be completely safe and protected. Those who could have grown up to be your friends, or mine... those who could have grown up.

As I type this, I think of my friends who have had abortions... and I hurt for them. I don't want to increase their pain, but even more, I want to stop other women from ever feeling the pain of having had an abortion, if it is at all within my power.

As I type this, I want to cry out, "Oh, Christian women, be a light in your community! Find ways to ACT on behalf of the unborn among us!"

And merciful Father, give each of us a burning passion to see your glory reflected in each and every individual created by Your wise and sovereign hand. Give us a desire to love the unborn and their mothers with the love that You have... love that bears all things, is kind, shares the truth, and never fails. Help us to rejoice over life, in every shape and form!

Oh, that we would view each birth and new life with the joy that John Powell describes as he for the first time witnessed a baby being delivered:

It was as if my mind were saying, 'Cannot compute! Cannot compute!" What I was witnessing was too big, too beautiful, too sacred to fit easily into my mind...
God had waited from all eternity for that moment of birth. And now, He would show His little boy the adoring face of the mother that had carried him so lovingly. He would show that little boy the magnificent stars He had strung in the sky. He would introduce him to the music of lullabies and the softness of his mother's arms, the gentleness of his father's hands. The "I" of God had been saying to the "Thou" of that small baby: "With an everlasting love I have loved you. This is why with lovingkindness I created you" (from the prophecy of Jeremiah, 31:3).
Cannot compute. Cannot compute. The miracle of life.

HT: Jennifer


  1. I love her blog! Miss you!

  2. Beautiful... incredibly beautiful. What a joy to sit here reading these thoughts with the new little life that we were given kicking away happily in my womb. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Anonymous3:51 PM

    Very beautiful post. I appreciate it more now than I ever have before. The Lord is so gracious in His love. The best thing for women to do is to get involved some way, some how. Miss you!!

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