Thursday, January 01, 2009

Pics of Kids

Watchful Waiting.....

I believe this was the night we were having our church Reformation celebration. The kids were eagerly awaiting our church family's arrival. They all just happened to be in age/height order. I thought it was so cute, so had to run and get the camera.

Okay.....this one was planned, of course. This is Christmas Eve. They each get to open one gift, always jammies. So, here's what the kids look like from the front! ;-) Genevieve (almost 1), Ethan (2), Chloe (4), Sophia (6), Seth (7), Celeste (13), and Cheyenne (16).

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year.......


  1. Very sweet!
    We like to put the kids in "stairstep order" too : )
    I have an post idea for your Seasoned home school mommies.
    Organizing your homeschool : )
    I have some shelves and ideas in my head, but need help...ah!!


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