Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Poll Results

Thank you, sweet ladies, for helping me in my potty training decision! I really appreciated each opinion and perspective. I knew I could count on you for solid advice! So......with the poll resulting in a unanimous "WAIT", that's just what I'll do!

Now I won't even have to think about it until June!  ;-)


  1. Well of course now all of us think you're really, really smart :-)

  2. LOL to what granny said!

  3. I'm glad I've finally earned my smart badge! Should have done this sooner! ;-)

  4. Sorry I didn't see the poll sooner, or I wouldn't thrown in my 2 cents before now. But, in case you still want to know what I think, you really SHOULD go ahead and stress yourself out trying to get a 2 1/2 yr old trained in just a couple weeks, pack a gazillion outfits for her in case of accidents and while you're at it, throw in an extra car seat. I think in the end you'll be so glad you did. And I'm president of the Smart Club.

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