Monday, April 23, 2007

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Potty Training Poll

Okay, so here's what's on my mind.........I think I may be ready to potty train Chloe. As many of you know, I wasn't in any hurry to potty train her because I had been feeling somewhat overwhelmed by "Ethan issues" over these past few months. He wasn't eating food and he was waking up many times during the night. I was pretty much nursing around the clock and I was exhausted all day, every day! So, even the thought of potty training stressed me out! I was perfectly fine with her turning three and not being potty trained!

Well, I'm happy to report that Ethan is finally eating solid food.......three whole meals a day! AND, most importantly, he's sleeping like.......well......a baby! This means that I am finally feeling like a human being again, and feeling like I can handle normal life.

So, why the poll you ask? Well, here's my next dilemma! Our vacation to California is next month.  Part of me wants her to be potty trained before our trip. It's still a month away and it would save us some room (and money) not having to pack diapers for her. But, the other part of me doesn't want the troubles of a newly potty trained child on the trip. You know, frequent stops to take her potty, likely accidents (in other people's homes), long days on the beach with no bathrooms nearby, the list goes on!

What do you all think? Should we potty train her BEFORE the trip and trust that she'll be just fine? Or do we wait until AFTER the trip to potty train, which would be mid June? What would you do? I know all children are different, but maybe some additional insights will push me over the fence either way!

Thank you in advance for your help in this matter! ;-)


  1. Anonymous8:55 AM

    I would wait till after the trip...mainly because of all the issues you already listed. :o) What is 2 more months in the big scheme of things, really? Just my humble opinion!!

  2. I think I would wait too. I'm working with Andrew right now (so far, so good!) but we don't have anything going on until the baby comes in August. I'm hoping to have potty training well established by then so the new baby doesn't throw everything off

  3. I VOTE WAIT. The trouble of packing and changing diapers is, to my way of thinking, nothing like the stress of worrying about accidents in the car, accidents in other people's homes and beds, and the humiliation it could be to her to have an accident at an embarrassing time away from home. Let her deal with that in the safety of your home until she's well-trained.

  4. I also vote wait. We made the mistake of going on a trip when Gage was newly potty trained. Oh it was lovely, stopping at every single gas station on our trip that normally would have only been an eight hour drive, only to find that he was 'just kidding' about needing to go half the time. And there's not much more frustrating than washing a carseat.


  6. I'm in the middle of potty training Lauryn, so I know what of I speak...



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