Monday, May 07, 2012

My Night Out with Area Bloggers

Saturday night I had the privilege of gathering for dinner with eight other San Antonio area bloggers. We gathered to learn more about a new company called  It was a treat indeed! treated all of us to a feast at PF Changs.  The food was incredible and there was an abundance of it. 

After stuffing ourselves to the gills, we watched a short presentation about If you're not familiar with it yet, it's a new division of Shutterfly. is pretty nifty! There, you can choose a card for any occasion, customize it, and will mail it directly to the recipient for you! In addition to this great service, you can schedule out ALL of your cards for the whole year, and will send them just in time for the special occasion. How cool is that? You can even import birth dates from Facebook and add other important dates so there is never a missed card! And yet, there is more!

I know, right?  More?

At you can even choose a gift card from major retailers such as Target and Amazon and include it right inside your card. Can it get any easier? Go to and see for yourself!

My night out was so much fun. A fantastic dinner, fun and lively fellowship with a group of very cool bloggers, and fun gifts to open. also showered us with gifts from the company!

The fun didn't end there. We all decided that we were having too much fun and that we had just enough room to spare in our tummies for ice cream. We headed on over to the ice cream shop and continued getting to know one another. 

If you want to visit these awesome bloggers, go to my Blogroll tab and you'll find them listed under SA Moms.  And don't forget to check out  :)


  1. Candace, it looks like a great time! I'm so sorry to have missed it (I was on a mom getaway to the beach with a friend). I hope to meet you in person very soon and I'm adding your blog to my blogroll today! :)

    1. Colleen....I wish I could have met you too...but so glad you had a nice time at the beach! :) I too hope we can meet soon! Thanks so much for adding me to your blogroll!

  2. I loved it! It was a treat and then getting to finally meet you in person (which is so silly isn't it? We live so close.) made it even better! We will definitely have to do something again. Lisa~

    1. Lisa! I know...SO glad to finally have met you in person...that was one of my favorite parts of the evening! I would love to do this type of thing again! Thanks for putting it all together! :)

    2. Wait - Lisa of The Pennington Point lives in SA?! And you met her? Her blog makes me laugh every time I rediscover it. That happens a lot, because anything that isn't tatooed onto my forehead eventually falls victim to my memory, and I don't have room for all my kids' names *plus* Lisa's url.
      Oh, and your belly looks just right for a 3 month mom-of-10 who just ate a big dinner. Do you wake up skinny every morning, and stare in amazement at your own belly 6 hours later? Or is that just me?


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