Monday, January 30, 2012

Quick Tip: Yummy, Easy Snack for Kids

cuties oranges

My kids love fresh fruit! But most require cutting, peeling, slicing, washing, or coring. But not these little Cuties! These Clementines are soooo easy to peel that my two year old can peel his own!

They're small, making them perfect for a snack or served alongside a sandwich.

They're sweet and yummy.

They're nutritious.

And they're super easy to peel, even for a two year old.

I'd say this pretty much makes them a perfect snack!

What is your idea of a perfect snack for little ones?


  1. We love Cuties in our house! We also love grapes and string cheese. My oldest likes to freeze the grapes and eat as a snack. Oh, and sliced apples or pears with date honey (simmer dates in a cup of water with a bit of cinnamon, then mash to make a dip). Those are just a few of our snacks :)

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