Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Quick Tip: Large Family Kitchen Supplies

Ah, Fiesta!

As your family has grown, have your pots and pans shrunk?  Are you running out of dishes, or find that your baking sheets just don't hold enough?

Check out your local Restaurant Supply store!

With all things restaurant sized, you're sure to find the perfect stock pot, or inexpensive stacks of plates and cups.  If you don't have a Restaurant Supply store in your area, check out the restaurant section at Sams (if you're near one).  We've purchased inexpensive food storage containers, huge cookie sheets, large carafes, our huge bread making bowl, table cloths, and a few other fun things from Sams.  However, our local Restaurant Supply has a LOT more to offer....and it's just fun!  :)

Where have you found large family-friendly supplies?  Please share!

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  1. Unfortunately my restaurant sized cookie sheets don't fit in my oven. :D

    My best investment has been my 9 qt Le Creuset dutch oven. The enamel acts non-stick, it never burns anything (not even rice!) and the cheaper knock-offs do not compare! I use it nearly every day... for soups, roasts, rice, casseroles, etc. I cook for 10-16 every night, more on weekends.

    My second most used kitchen tool is my Lodge 15" cast iron skillet. They also make a 17", and that's on my wish list. :)

    The biggest problem I've had is having the space to fit pots next to each other, so Rachel Ray's oval series of pots work well on four burner stoves, fitting more food in an smaller space... thankfully I am blessed with a six burner stove, and I can stager three large pans so that they fit.

    I'd also like to know where people find large tablecloths. Our restaurant supply store doesn't have any longer than 120", and that is too short for our table. We have one Amish made tablecloth that is long enough, but it was very pricey! I don't have much time for sewing, but I'd certainly support a WAHM tablecloth business, if someone knows of one. :) (farmwife, homeschooler, spinner, weaver, knitter, and all that... can't fit one more hobby in, though I do love to sew, LOL) :D

  2. Thanks for all the tips Sacred Mommyhood and Hind's Feet:) I have been looking for restaurant-sized cookie sheets but didn't even think about whether they would fit in my oven or not. I'll have to check:)

  3. Hind's Feet...I think I could use one of those dutch ovens...where did you buy yours?

    I hear you on the table cloth issues...ours doesn't fit either....but like you said, having the time to make a large one is just not there. Someday.

    My grandmother has the Rachel Ray series...and they're awesome! Thanks for sharing your goodies with us! :)

    Monica....my huge cookie sheets do fit in my oven...I have a standard sized oven, and they fit perfectly. I love my big baking sheets! :)

  4. Anonymous5:58 AM

    Hi! I'm new here and every time I see your blog name on my feed I think it reads "scared mommyhood" :) Funny how my brain switches that around! :)

  5. Anonymous...that's pretty funny...especially considering mommyhood can surely be scary at times! ;)

    And Welcome! :)


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