Sunday, July 25, 2010



You'd think after eight pregnancies, cravings would be old hat. The strange thing is, I really never had cravings per se during my other pregnancies. I've always been so sick that I struggled just to think of something that sounded good. I'm sure there was a time or two when something sounded good, but definitely not like now. I've already sent Greg on two craving runs and Chey on one.

Last night, at 9:00 pm, I had a strong craving for crunchy tacos. First of all, I DON'T eat at 9:00 at night, period. I tried to fight the urge, but finally gave in and asked Greg to make me a couple of tacos...we had leftover taco fixings from a previous dinner. But, when he went to fry the shells, to my dismay, we were out of corn tortillas. Oh man! I was all geared up for these tacos. But never fear, my sweet Greg got in the car and headed to Taco Cabana. Craving satisfied.

So my next craving was completely shameless. Why, you ask? Well, we were in the middle of worship today when I just HAD to have a Quiznos sandwich. I was beginning to feel a bit more queasy and knew I needed to eat something. Upon telling Cheyenne (my 17 year old driver) of my plight, she offered to go and get me a sandwich. How shameless is that??? Sending your daughter in the middle of service to get a sandwich. That's the low of all lows. It sure was good though! But next Sunday, I'll be more prepared by bringing a snack from home to tide me over. I promise Pastor Dirk! ;-)

Well, this afternoon, it hit again! At about 3:30, I was suddenly struck with a desperate need for fried chicken. I usually only eat fried chicken about once a year.....but I had to have it. So off my sweet husband went.....and boy was it good. The kids were happy too! ;-)

I don't know whether to be glad or irritated about these cravings. On one hand, I'm so thankful to actually crave something for a change, as opposed to being so sick that nothing sounds good. On the other hand, we certainly can't afford to be satisfying my every whim...this will surely get expensive. Not to mention, I certainly don't need all those extra calories.

My only solution is to exercise a bit of self control. No fun, I know....but I can do it. I can do it. I can do it! Ohhhhh lemonade.....I wonder if Greg's up to going to the store......


  1. So happy for you : )
    You along w/ my sis, cousin, and a handful of other friends are due between Nov-March....

  2. Is Baby Sabo a little bit demanding? Maybe you're in for a different kind of kid! LOL. You'll have to talk w/ that child. But in the meantime you better feed him the fried chicken so he doesn't make you vomit. :)

  3. Congrats!! If you posted about this new one, I missed it. ") When are you due? (We're expecting #7 at the end of November -- boy #4.)

    Funny, I've never really had cravings either. But, during one entire pregnancy I was constantly smelling one of two things... hot dogs, and cotton candy. Why those two?? Who knows! LOL Oh, and once we were making the 1 hour trip to my in-laws (during that same pregnancy) and I told my hubby I could smell angel food cake (which I then REALLY wanted a piece of!). Guess what my mil had sitting on the counter when we walked in the door. Crazy. ")

  4. Kristen,

    I am due March 15th. Congratualtions on your pregnancy! How exciting! Are you on FB? That's where I made my announcement. Hope your pregnancy is going well....can't wait to hear the news of your new baby boy in Novemember! :-)

  5. This cracked me up! So funny! (I never even realized Chey was gone yesterday morning!) You have such a great family!!!

  6. LOL! Too funny! Cravings and no morning sickness = a VERY GOOD THING! :-) Maybe it's twins since the pregnancy is starting off SO different from the rest. Hehe!

    Sooo happy for you- friend! :-)

  7. LOL about the Quiznos! I never really had pregnancy cravings, but I stopped at 4 pregnancies, so who knows what might have happened!

    I'm a fellow ModernMom, making the blog rounds! Nice to "meet" ya!


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