Sunday, July 25, 2010

And so it begins...

Where's Genevieve?

So, Friday night we were at a function that was fairly crowded. As we were leaving, we were making sure all the kids were right beside us as to not get lost in the crowd. As I take a quick glance around, I don't see Genevieve. In a panic, I say to Greg and the older girls, "Where's Genevieve?" They looked at me in disbelief and let me know that she was right "there". Right where? I was HOLDING HER HAND!



  1. Yes....been there done that! The looks from my family is priceless in a moment like that :)

  2. I did that the other day, only I was HOLDING Ashlynn on MY LEFT HIP! And I don't have as many kids as you (and am 7 months younger!) so I have no excuse! ;-)

  3. That's funny, Tami! I did that too. I asked where the baby was...and everyone said, "you're holding her!" But, I was pregnant then too! lol


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