Friday, March 13, 2009

My Babies

My Favorite Gift

This past Christmas I was blessed with several VERY special gifts. Most of them were family related, which always make for special gifts. But my favorite was what you see above. My very sweet older two girls, Cheyenne and Celeste, went to great lengths to accomplish this one.

The girls knew I didn't have any recent photos of all the kids......and prior to this.....they had seen that some friends did something similar for their parents. SO......they enlisted the help of several of their friends to make these photos extra special. First, they let Dad in on the surprise by asking him to take me out on a date. While we were out, CJ and Bethany came over to do hair and makeup. Then, Bethany took all the photos......individuals, group shots, everything! They said wind was a problem that day, but the pics turned out beautifully! Then, Chey asked her friend Amy to order all the photos so that I would have NO WAY of knowing what they were up to. Needless to I opened each individual framed picture.....I was overwhelmed and amazed. They had even framed an ultrasound picture for our baby coming in June. I couldn't believe they did all of this without me knowing a thing. I think the most incredible aspect was that none of the younger ones spilled the beans about the surprise, though the girls said there were a few close calls.

Knowing the girls went to such lengths made this mom feel so loved. My children are such blessings......their thoughtfulness and sweet spirits never cease to amaze me! Thank you girls, for the love and effort you put into this gift. And thank you CJ, Beth, and Amy for your friendship and willingness to help my girls. You're the BEST!

There are a few other gifts I received that were special to me, but would also serve as great gift ideas for anyone. Coming stay tuned! ;-)


  1. What a lovely gift - and lovely children you have too! What Mother wouldn't love such a thoughtful gift?! Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. Awww....aren't they gorgeous??

  3. Anonymous10:56 PM

    They are the best teenagers that I know of. I really hope and pray that my children grow up with this kind of love and devotion. Girls you are the BEST!!!

  4. ahhh! I'm almost crying just looking at them again!
    I'm so glad you finally got them hung...they look great!
    (It helps that you and Greg make absolutely gorgeous children. :)

  5. Those are amazing! I think the wind actually enhanced the pictures--looks like they were modeling in front of those fancy fans or something. ;) What wonderful children and friends to go to such lengths to suprise you.

  6. I love it! We took family pictures for Brian's Mom this year of the whole family (Brian and his brother and all the kids). They turned out so well and she just cried and cried when she opened it. I could not have been happier. It just means so much to see your whole family together!

  7. I just love it!! So beautiful!!

  8. What a special gift and sweet family you are so blessed with!

  9. They all look absolutely AMAZING! Such sweet kids! :)


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