Saturday, March 28, 2009

Good Story

Too Good NOT to Pass On.....

"Fellow members of the congregation where we attend were told that their unborn grandchild had no brain. The parents were urged to abort. They were assured there was no brain, and this child would die once born anyway.They decided that since their doctors' best advice ended with the same heartbreaking scenario no matter what they chose- they were going to be the parents of a dead child- they would prefer to at least have the chance to hold her gently before she left them rather than dismember her, and they continued the pregnancy.Their baby was born on Sunday. She has a clean bill of health, including a full neurological exam and battery of tests which revealed a healthy, normal baby."

God is good!

ht: Kim C.


  1. Adrienne3:21 PM

    The power of an amazing God and those who listen!! Amen Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow,
    Just shows that God can do anything, Dr's DON'T know glad they made the right choice.

  3. This is just terrifying to me - knowing how many people would go ahead and abort the child. God is so good though, and what a blessing that those parents did wait! Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Wow! Praise God! Thank Goodness that they followed what they knew God would want them to do!

  5. Father knows better than any doctor. He's the one that knits us together.

  6. Wow... What an awesome testimony! Thanks for sharing!! Speaking of baby's... how's yours? Are you feeling good? It's getting close now!


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