Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mama'a Leaving

Mama's Leavin'

Just for the weekend that is. I'm heading to the Dallas/Fort Worth area for the WholeHearted Mother Conference. There's much to do before leaving on a trip, even if it's just the weekend. Besides packing for myself and the baby, there are a number if things I do for my family so that things will run more smoothly while I'm gone. My husband will be taking care of five of the kids while I'm away. I'll be taking the baby, of course, but also my 16 yr old daughter, who will be one of the group sitters. Between my very capable husband and my 13 yr old daughter, taking care of five kids won't be too difficult. Nonetheless, I feel better about leaving when I know I've made things as easy as possible for the ones left behind, especially when four of the five are young and require "all hands (and eyes) on deck". So, these are the things I've done in preparation for leaving.

Meals: Both my husband and 13 yr old daughter are wonderful cooks, but again, I want them to be able to focus on the little ones instead of preparing meals all weekend. So, I made three special dinners and put them in the freezer. All they have to do is remember to take them out to thaw and throw them in the oven. I bought bagged salads and breads to easily complete the meals. Lunches are simple too, one of which will be a picnic. Greg is the breakfast man, so he'll make things like oatmeal and pancakes. But there's also plenty of cereal as a back-up. The Friday morning they drop me off, they'll be making a doughnut run for breakfast. Meals will be no-brainers this weekend with little work involved.

Laundry: We usually do 1-2 loads a day. But since I will be gone, I don't want them to have to worry about keeping up with laundry, the girls and I have finished all of the laundry. Everything is put away and ready to go.

Itinerary: Don't laugh at this one! Every time I go out of town, I write out an itinerary for Greg and the kids. We talk about the things they'd like to do and I put it all together for them. It's filled with fun activities and outings. This weekend, they'll be going bowling, picnicing in the park, seeing a movie, going out for ice cream, and having an in-house sleepover complete with a movie and popcorn. They can't WAIT for me to leave. And that's the way I like it! They'll have so much fun, they'll hardly miss me. Knowing that their weekend will be just as special helps me to fully enjoy mine, even IF my husband makes fun of my "schedule" (lovingly, of course). He does appreciate it.....he just giggles whenever I mention an "itinerary". ;-)

So, all that's left to do is pack for myself and the baby. I'm looking forward to a wonderful weekend of fellowship, refreshment, and fun! And doing these few things before I leave ensures that my family is well taken care of and everyone will have a great time! ;-)


  1. Wow you really do have it all
    When I usually left out of town it was b/c I was going to see my Dad(very ill) or when he passed. Last year was just to see my NY side of the family, and I have never made meals. We share cooking and only 3-4 kids @ the time, guess I will have to think about it for the future : )

  2. You're such a great Wife and Mama! Have a wonderful time at the conference - I can't wait to hear all about it!! :)

    (You should get some belly pics of your own while you're there!)

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  4. Have a great time sweetie! I'm glad you were able to go this year. Sorry I missed you this morning when I called..Greg was just back from dropping you off, but you forgot to add to the itinerary "Emergency Rescues" Yep, your hero husband stopped to assist a Mom and her kids from the side of the road after her car broke down. Your little ones (I'm sure) had fun watching Daddy in action..what a guy!

  5. I hope you had a fun time. It's nice to be able to get away!!.


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