Tuesday, March 18, 2008

He Is Risen

We hope you all had a wonderful Resurrection Day. The Lord is risen indeed!

Thought I'd post an updated photo of the family, minus myself! I wasn't feeling well, so didn't dress for Easter. I'm bummed about the lack of quality in this photo, but at least it's a recent one! More to come......

From the Sabo family to yours.........have a wonderful day!


  1. So precious!

    I tagged you on my blog!

  2. Happy Easter to you too...we had a wonderful day!!!! The family looks amazing, as always! Love you

  3. Easter Blessings! We hope you had a wonderful day!

  4. What a great picture! Wish you were in it! But I know when I'm not feeling well, I don't want to be in a picture. I have a blogspot now! Happy belated Easter!

  5. Love the picture! You'll have to get another soon with you in it :)

    We had a good Easter despite having two little ones with strep. They are done with abx now, so hopefully everything will be good. If not, I'm thinking 2yr old will need his tonsils out. :(

    Have a great weekend!


  6. Look at all those beautiful children! I love it!


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