Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Boys Will Be Boys

Snacks Anyone?
*dog food
*toilet water (a la pee)
*deoderant (spring fresh, of course)
*blue marker (only non-washable will do)

These are the contents that have been consumed by Ethan in the last two days! After eating dog food and quenching his thirst from the toilet, we're convinced he should have been born a puppy..........he's as cute as one, anyway! Lord, help us...........


  1. ROTFLOL! Sounds like my house! Every time I turn around 11 mo old is putting SOMETHING in her mouth, or playing in the potty chair, or something even more unsavory.

    Glad you can smile about it :)


  2. That is soooo super funny!!! Love to you all

  3. Candace, Ethan must be influencing Rowan. Today Rowan dumped out a bad of rice (and ate some), pulled down one of the blinds from our patio window (and tried to eat it), he's eaten several leaves this week, and he was noodling in the toilet just the other day. I don't think they should play together anymore. :)

  4. I'm there with you, Candace. Kert doesn't drink the toilet water, but he puts everything he can put his hands on INTO it. And spits all the time again--I'd thought we had stopped that one. And he marks on everything if he gets hold of anything that will mark. What is it about this round of kids? And it's not just boys. My great-niece born about he same time is just as much of a mess.

    Still, I'd take another one if God dropped one in my lap!

  5. Are you sure that Ethan isn't part Goat?
    At least he hasn't popped a cockroach in his mouth and swallowed it. When I first moved to San Angelo we lived in some apartments. Shannon was only 18 months. We had a bad cockroach problem. Shannon decided to try one and she did it so quick that I could'nt retrieve it. YUCK!!!!!


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