Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A Whole Hearted Weedend

The Whole Hearted Mothers Conference was everything I expected and more this year! I believe this was my fifth year going, and as always, I came home with a renewed spirit and a deeper desire to love my children as Christ loves us.

I think the biggest thing I learned, or was reminded of shall I say, was that I'm not perfect, so why do I expect my children to be! This may sound so basic, but for me it's huge as I have a tendency to expect perfection, especially in the behavior department, from my children. It's my way of maintaining control of my six children throughout the day.

Sally Clarkson reminded me, that since I'M not perfect, why can't I extent the kind of grace to my children that Christ extends to me! I'm certainly not saying that I should relax to the point of creating total chaos in the household, after all children need boundaries, but I can definitely admit to being a "follow the rules" kind of mom instead of really focusing on their hearts as opposed to the behavior!

I cherish being a whole hearted mother and can't think of anything else I would rather be doing. I look forward to this journey each day as God so lovingly and gently teaches me and corrects me, while guiding me to become the godly mother He wants me to be.

Along with the time of leaning and encouragement this weekend brought, we also had wonderful times of fellowship with the precious women in our home school group. I think these are the greatest group of women that I have ever known. We love each other and we all have the same goal and desire to be whole hearted mothers and are constantly encouraging one another to enjoy and embrace this important calling whole heartedly!


  1. Wow...words like this make all the effort worth it and are really uplifting to this HOPE mom :-)

  2. Thanks Candace! Your words echo my feelings, although you are much better at expressing them! The one thing Sally says that I always need a reminder of is that our children our sinful creatures, so expecting perfection out of them is very unrealistic. Not to mention exhausting and frustrating!

  3. I am so grateful I got to have encouraging conversations with you, my sweet friend, on the drives to & from WHM. :)


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