Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Wednesday Weekly's

HEB Specials This Week

Extra Large Hass Avocados-$0.99 ea.
Being that I am a total avocado addict, I buy them no matter what they cost. But it's always nice when they start coming down in cost. Last week the special was 2 for $3, so we should continue to see the price drop as we head into season!

Red Seedless Grapes-$0.99 lb.
I've got a delicious Cha Cha Chicken Salad recipe which calls for these. Recipe anyone?

Luvs Diapers-Mega Pack (40-86 ct)-$9.99
This is a pretty good deal, especially if you use Luvs anyway. I'm trying to find a coupon to use in conjunction with this sale. I'll come back and edit if I find one!

Digital Prints (4X6) $0.12 ea.-I think these are usually $0.19 ea so if you have any pics that you'd like to print, here's a good time to do so.


  1. Ok, what is HEB..maybe I didnt read far enough ;-)

  2. Hi Beth,

    HEB is our main grocery store here in San Antonio. It's where I seem to find the best specials. Thanks for writing in!

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