Wednesday, October 11, 2006

New Blog Adventure

Well, here we go.....A journey into the unknown. At this point, I'm not sure what I'm doing, but as with most unfamiliar undertakings, I'll figure things out as I go! I know in time I'll conquer this blogging adventure and hopefully have a beautiful place where family and friends can take a peek into our home-life. As for now, the dynamics of our home is a peaceful one. The older babies are resting soundly, Cheyenne is sewing happily, and Celeste is graciously playing with baby Ethan while I publish my very first post! So, until next time.....


  1. Hey! Glad to see that you joined the world of blogging!

  2. HURRAY!!! Can't wait to add you to my daily rounds so I won't miss anything going on at your place :-)

  3. woohoo! i'm so excited about your blog! you'll have to put pictures up for us to see!

  4. Sounds lovely in your household, Candace! I can't say our home paints such a serene picture yet...

  5. Hey Stephanie, was nap time! That's about the ONLY time it's serene in this place! Wasn't I smart to post during that time? ;-)

  6. Anonymous11:24 PM

    Congrats Candace even though I have no idea what a blogger is! :) It will be nice being able to see how the family is on a regular basis. We love you very much.

  7. Anonymous4:02 PM

    Hey baby Girl,

    This is pretty cool. Now I can keep up with all my (your) Texas friends :) Expecially the ones that moved away :(. We'll get pictures up soon from beautiful Idaho! Love to all my babies....

  8. Anonymous5:16 PM

    Hey Candace,
    Just to let you know if you go to or .com they have a Petition to ban Partial Birth Abortion. The Supreme Court is going to make the final decision on Nov 8th. Just wanted to let you know since you are in a ministry about the precious life that women carry. love you,


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