Sunday, November 19, 2006

Wisdom Teeth Removal and God's Grace

This past Wednesday I had my bottom two wisdoms removed. I was nervous, but ready to get this behind me! So, with the insertion of the IV, I was in dreamland! When I woke up I felt great, had some excessive bleeding, but other than that, I was ready to go home. Once home, I hopped into bed and relished in the joy of getting to rest and not have to worry about anything. We had scheduled the Wed night bible study to be at our house that evening so Greg and the kids finished up with the last minute cleaning. I know some of you probably thought it was crazy of us to still host the study, but, we thought it was quite clever. Having it at our house allowed the whole family to "be there"! Most of the preparations had been completed in advance so there wasn't too much to be done. So, with one simple switch of the baby monitor, I was able to hear all the sweet sounds of my friends visiting, and I was also able to participate in the lesson! It was great! The first day was a piece of cake. Well, then came the second and third days....

I was SICK as a dog!!! I thew up for two days, which then would start a chain reaction of my holes bleeding! What a pain and what a mess! The other bothersome side effect has been the loss of feeling in my jaw, chin and lower lip. I was warned of the possible nerve bruising and swelling, but, I didn't think it would last this long. Anyone experience this? My biggest fear is that this will be permanent. We're into day five and I have still not regained feeling in these areas. It is SO annoying. The final side effect of all of this has been nursing. Because I cannot eat properly, my milk supply is down. The last two days have been a bit better, but not up to par yet.

God is so good, and even in the midst of this temporary nuisance, God's grace has shone through. I have been pretty much out-of-commission these past five days, so my sweet family has had to run the show. They are doing a phenomenal job! Greg has been able to be home with us everyday (he goes back to work tomorrow), he took all of the kids to the store and got ALL of the grocery shoppong done (he was thankful for my to-the-T list), the girls have prepared all of the meals without any reminding (made easier thanks to the preplanned menu), and they have all made sure all of my needs are being met. So, even when I'm tempted to complain about not being recovered, God shows me how blessed I am. I CAN sit in bed for five days and not worry about the household falling apart....not that this is my preference, I'm pretty miserable, but, that I have a precious family who has pulled together to make things run smoothly.

I'm also reminded to keep things in perspective.....I didn't just have double hip surgery, I'm not going through chemo, I haven't been sick for a year.....I just had my wisdoms pulled, something that will benefit in the end, I hope. Yes, I know it's all relative, but I need to remind myself that this is just a small inconvenience and that I'm blessed beyond measure to have such a wonderful, caring family! Please pray that I will regain feeling soon and that I will be well by Thanksgiving! Boy, will I really be bummed if I can't enjoy all the wonderful food on that glorious day!


  1. I'm so sorry its been this bad! Having my wisdom teeth out was way worse than childbirth, I was in so much pain for days. I think the only thing that topped it was breaking my tailbone. Hope you're up and running soon!

  2. I'll be praying that those nerves are up and running soon--cuz it sounds like your household is already running fine!

  3. I still work for an oral surgeon, if you get a chance please call me, I might be able to give you some advice! I am sorry you had a hard time though! Love you

  4. Hello - just wanted to note that there is usually an end in sight. My cousin had his wisdom teeth pulled and he was in pain for only 2 weeks. I know that sounds like eternity right now, but it is in fact a lot better than the rest of life!

  5. Anonymous1:23 PM

    Its so funny the type of situations that we are put in to show us how blessed we truly are! You and Greg raised an awesome family if the mom can be out for 5 days and the household..especially as big as yours...runs smooth. PRAISE GOD!! You just have been shown that you are training your children right, blessings upon you!
    Feel better soon!

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