Friday, October 13, 2006

He's Four Months

Our sweet little boy is already four months old! My, how the days seem to fly by! Before we know it, he'll be walking and talking and running around with his siblings! It's this very thought that reminds me to slow down and enjoy each and every moment of his baby days! Even in the midst of the fussiness, the crying, the too-short naps, and the round-the-clock nursings, I am filled with thankfulness and joy for the moments God gives us with our precious children. May He continue to bless our family and yours!


  1. Que bonito! glad you got the picture to work:)


  2. Such a cute picture! Yes, it's hard to find the balance of treasuring the moments that fly by and yet not dwelling on wishing they would stay a certain age!

  3. He looks like Seth with dark hair! What a doll.

  4. Ethan and I go way back... ;-)

  5. Anonymous1:24 PM

    Hi Again, Sweetie,
    I'm just gettin ready to go to work. I am the only one here and awake (Grandma and Aunt Lulu are on a little road trip, Grandpa is at work, and Melissa, Walter, and both their boys are still asleep.) It's nice and quiet. wish I could just sit here all day and relax. But....Hi-HO, Hi-HO....

    Love you dear,
    talk to ya later,
    Uncle Andy


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