Friday, July 26, 2013

Surviving the Government Furlough: God's Provisions Already

We're a couple of weeks into the furlough, and I am bursting at the seams to tell you how God has already been providing for our family.  My next furlough article will talk about some of these things below individually, but as I was thinking about all the ways God has provided already, it needed to be its own post!

Earnings from odd jobs we've completed (no job is too small):

  • Fence staining - $200
  • Yard work for neighbors - $100, plus two ongoing contracts.
  • Baking and selling homemade bread - $10 (so far...more to come)


  • Grocery savings - $100 - I was able to shave off $100 this shopping trip (I shop twice a month).  If I do it again, I will meet my monthly savings goal of $200.

  • Airplane ticket - $100 - I will need to fly back home after dropping my daughter off in TN for school.  A one-way ticket was pretty pricey, so I watched it for several weeks, hoping it would drop.  It did drop finally about $40.  Later that evening, I decided to go ahead and purchase the ticket at the $40 less price.  To my astonishment, it had dropped $100 from the original price.  I bought that ticket faster than a hummingbird's wings can flap!

Unexpected money:

  • Additional scholarship money - $500 - I received an email letting me know that Celeste's school was able to secure $500 more in scholarship money for her.

That's a grand total of $1010 in savings, earnings, and unexpected provision in two weeks! 

Praise God, from Whom ALL blessings Flow!
How has God been providing for your family (whether furloughed or not)?  Please share!


  1. Anonymous6:33 PM

    Yahoo! So glad for you! One of my biggest savings was when my awesome, generous friends gave me a baby shower for my 3rd baby in 2 years. I've also just joined the San Antonio Discount Produce Cooperative and getting seriously amazing deals on produce right now (24# of apricots for $19 and 12 pints of blueberries for $8). I'm about to try a highly recommended sourdough bread recipe and see if that can save us $5-15/week in bread. (we can't eat bread unless it's sprouted or soured-- gut issues)
    Loving this series!
    ~Annie J.

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