Tuesday, January 08, 2013

42 Days to Fit: Week 1 Journal

I made it through Week 1 of 42 Days to Fit!  Hooray!
I thought I'd first share what some of my goals are for this challenge:
*Although I have about 35 pounds of baby weight to shed, my goal for this six weeks is to lose 15 pounds.
*I'd like to gain more energy.
*I'd like to be a little more toned.
*After too much indulging over the holidays, getting back to enjoying goodies in moderation
How I did during Week 1:
*I've lost 5 pounds!
*I've lost 1 1/2 inches around my post-partum belly!  (Even more if I total inches lost overall.)
*I already feel more energetic.
*I was faithful to NO dessert or sugar in my coffee.   
It was relatively easy to avoid sugar in my coffee and having no dessert.  EXCEPT yesterday!  It was our daughter's birthday.  And since I always make their cakes, I was tempted with batter and frosting.  The hardest part was making the frosting!  My divine chocolate buttercream!  Oh my, was it HARD!  I desperately wanted to eat a spoonful of it!  But I didn't!  It was also difficult to watch everyone else enjoy cake and ice cream.  I even tried to rationalize why I should partake.  After all, it was my little girl's birthday, and I should join everyone.  But I didn't.  I knew that a temporary moment of pleasure would be regretted afterward!  And I knew I'd be disappointed with myself if I gave in!  I made a commitment to do this, and I'm going to see it through! 
Running went well over the week, and so did the strength exercises.  I didn't particularly enjoy the strength training days, but only because I'm SO out of shape, which made it hard work.  Perhaps this week will be easier!
Today, begins Week 2! 
Are you still with me?  Would love to hear from you!


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