Sunday, April 15, 2012

9 Weeks


I never grow tired of tracking a new baby's miraculous and rapid growth. At nine weeks, my baby's brain waves can be measured. The main construction of the heart is complete. The baby has begun movement and can flex at the joints. Fingerprints are evident, and the most fascinating fact is that the baby can even curve its tiny fingers around an object placed in its hand. My baby is about an inch long, and happily swimming around in the tiny bag of fluid.


I am hanging in there.  I am feeling pretty queasy, but I can't complain.  At nine weeks, I am not nearly as sick as I usually get.  I am so thankful...and hopeful that maybe this time it won't be so challenging.  In fact, I am finishing up a post detailing the things I've done differently this pregnancy, and new things I've tried that may be helping this time around.  I want to share them for other mommies who may be struggling with morning stay tuned. 

I am also still somewhat enjoying food.  I have a few aversions, but a lot of things actually still sound good.  I don't seem to be suffering from my usual super-human sense of smell that exacerbates the nausea.  So I think that's made a huge difference as well.  All considering, I am doing well and so thankful that this pregnancy has been more manageable.  I have my first OB appointment on Wednesday, so looking forward to seeing this sweet baby, knowing it will give me that extra boost of perseverance through the morning all day sickness!

Are you expecting?  Care to share your stats here?


  1. Congratulations! I'm not expecting but have been praying and desiring for a year now :).

  2. Tonja Johnson10:27 AM

    We r 17 weeks :-) next dr appt is next Thursday. I, too, never grow tired of reading about all the new and exciting things happening inside my womb! Thankfully the only real symptom that has continued into our 2nd trimester is this unrelenting fatigued feeling. I'm so desperate for a boost of energy ;-)

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