Monday, March 26, 2012

Managing All These Socks


One of the best perks about spring and summer is.....NO socks!  I love that time of year when we can rely on sandals and crocs most of the time.  It just makes life easier!

Yet, we do have to manage all the socks in this house, and this is the method I came up with years ago.  I figured out that the Hanes socks came in different colored toes for the varying sizes.  So, I chose a color for each kid....or for my some of my girls, bought the same color/size because they share a room and wear close sizes. 

The little girls wear pink or purple.  The boys wear gray or solid white.  My older girls have different socks, but they take care of their laundry, so their socks don't matter in terms of managing them.

The best part of this system is that the kids pull their own colored socks out of the whites pile and throw them in the drawer.  They don't even have to fold them together.  They're all the same, so they just grab two and go.

How do you manage socks in your home?  Please share!

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