Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Quick Tip: Help Little Ones Enjoy Salad

Israeli Chopped Salad

We eat a LOT of salad in our home.  It's pretty much a staple side for us.  I've got kids who LOVE salad and eat it with no problems, and I've got kids who are more reluctant about eating it...namely, the little ones.   I've observed over the years, that my children will eat salad better if it's in smaller pieces.  In fact, I eat salad better when it's in smaller pieces. 

Did you also know that they will consume more salad (and veggies) if it's in small pieces?  Visually, a small portion of a finely chopped salad will look the same as a pile of big lettuce.  But, in volume, the chopped salad will contain more, which means more nutrition, Moms!

I do one of two things:

1) Tear the lettuce into tiny pieces as I'm plating their food.

2) Or, I put portions of salad (and veggies) in my food processor and pulse a few times.  Don't over pulse or it will turn into mush.  You want a nice consistency of a delicious chopped salad. 

If we're having a salad that is conducive to one particular dressing, I will mix the dressing into the salad before serving.  This also aids in easier consumption.  :)

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  1. My almost 2 year old girl ate salad for the first time successfully today...all it took was a little bit of ketchup =) She couldn't get enough! Another tip would be to have daddy make eating it look like that coolest thing ever! My son eats straight leaves of spinach because it's something special that him and daddy started doing together =) I'll have to remember the 'small pieces' tip!

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