Monday, December 26, 2011

Today I Was THAT Lady

You know that're at the grocery store, you're in line, and you suddenly realize the line is not moving?  You glance to the front of the line to see who the culprit is......and even though you know in your mind that it may not be her fault, you still find yourself frustrated at that lady!

Yep, I was her today.

I left the house early this morning to get to the store to browse Christmas decorations.  Not for my tree next year, but for the upcoming wedding.  Since my daughter's having a winter wedding, with colors of navy and ivory, with an accent of silver, we realized that we can fill centerpiece vases with Christmas ornaments...and get them on CLEARANCE.  If you turn them inward, no one will eeeever know they're tree ornaments instead of those fancy vase filler ball things.

I know what you're're thinking, "Now, why didn't I think of that."  And, "Wow, that Sacred Mommyhood lady is pretty smart." 


You're not?  Okay, then....

So, I get to the store and head straight for the clearanced decorations where I score six boxes of  navy, glittery, sparkly, shiny, and cheap hangy ball things.

While I was already in the store, I thought I'd also peruse the rest of the clearance stuff.  I came across a Little People's Nativity play set.  Our younger kids looooove Little Peoples sets, and have quite a collection.

So I think to myself, "Self?  I really wanted one of these when I first saw them out.  And look, it's 50% off."  So I head on over to the scanner and it rings up at $20. 

"Hmm..." I think to myself.... "Was this really $40 regular price.  That's pretty high.  Maybe $20 is the regular price, and I'll get it for $10 since it's a Christmas item."  At this point I'm thinking of my soon-to-be four year old who has a birthday coming up in less than two weeks.  She would love this.  I also know that I want to find a doll that has long hair that she can brush.  So, I head for the toy section. 

I end up finding a really pretty doll that has long hair that my soon-to-be four year old would love.  I check the shelf tag price and it's $21.00.  Not bad for a nice doll that has long, brushable hair.  I place it in my cart, go get some other things I needed, and head for the registers.

By now, despite it being early still, the checkouts are pretty full.  After all, the early birds are there stocking up on their Christmas goods for next year. I scan my cart to do a quick count of items.  I was pushing that 20 item limit for the quick check, but I go ahead and jump in line.

As soon as I get to the front, I warn the cashier that I need to check the Nativity for the price.  It rings up at $20, but I ask her to check if that was the original price, or if it's in fact the sale price.  She calls another employee over.  The employee, a lady, glances at the box and says that only Christmas items are half off, and that this toy was not.

Slightly confused, but with a smile on my face I say, "But this is a Nativity toy and it was on the 50% off Christmas shelf." 

The nice employee lady says, "But it's not a Christmas item." 

A little more confused, but still with a smile on my face I say, "It's a Nativity!" 

Again, she says, "It's not a holiday item."

By this time, I'm a little surprised that she isn't aware that a Nativity is specific to Christmas, but I'm also aware that this is an opportunity to show Christ.  But I'll admit, I was a teeny weeny bit perturbed that something they only bring out at CHRISTMAS, is not considered a HOLIDAY item.  Not to mention, it was on the 50% off shelf. 

So, I say again, "It's a Nativity...a Christmas Nativity.  It was over on the Christmas clearance shelves, but I just wanted to confirm the original price." 

Finally, the other cashier jumps in and agrees that it is indeed a Christmas item and finds out that the $20 was half off.  Okay, fine.  Didn't hurt to ask, right?  *sheepish grin*  Now nice lady knows that a Nativity, albeit a toy, is a holiday item.

By this time, the line had grown and I could tell that the customers were ready for the line to get moving.  I feel bad for holding up the line, apologize to customers behind me, and continue with the rest of my items. 

The cashier scans the $21 doll next, but it rings up at $30.  Huh?

Oh we go again!

I politely tell the cashier, that the doll is $21, not $30.  At this point, I could feel imaginary daggers piercing my back as the other customers in line grew tired of waiting on that lady! 

But now we're talking principle here, right?  One, I am not wealthy and $9 is a big difference.  Two, the tag says $21 by golly, and I'm not paying more!  And three, our Walmart is notorious for over charging on things at the register.  I must speak up!

Oh look!  Nice lady is coming toward us again.  Yes, the same lady who tells me the Nativity is not  a Christmas item now tells me, that the price of the doll is whatever it rings up at and that the tag the customer sees is wrong.

Oh. No. She. DI'int!

By now, customers are pushing their carts away in a huff and I'm feeling like Walmart's worst nightmare.  But I'm a woman of principle and this is just wrong! 

I kindly explain to the nice lady that as a customer, I base my shopping upon what the tag says, not the surprise price I get at the register, and that shoppers who aren't paying attention will pay more than they should. I also explain that this store is famous for charging more at the register and that I refuse to pay more than what the shelf tag says!

Just then the whole store erupts into cheers of agreement and I'm dubbed the Principle Hero!

Just kidding.

My sweet cashier agrees that I should not pay more at the register if the tag says otherwise, so nice lady heads to the back of the store to check the price of the doll.  I ask the cashier to go ahead and finish ringing up what I have so that I can pay and let other customers go while I wait for nice lady to come back.

Nice lady comes back with two other dolls and proclaims that not only are the dolls not $30, but they too are CHRISTMAS items (even though they are not Nativities) and are 50% off!  The doll is now $10.50!


I smile, tell nice lady that I appreciate her checking the price and apologize to cashier for holding up her line.  The cashier rings up my very nice, half-off, non-Christmas item toy doll and I went on my merry way.

The moral of the story, Friends, hold up a line at all costs while you argue your point based on principle.


Scratch that.  The moral is to know your prices, and remember that that lady holding up the line may just be holding the store accountable for their regular practice of over charging! :)

Have you ever been that lady?  What things are you willing to speak up over?  Should I have just paid the $30 for the sake of the other customers....or was speaking up best in the long run?  Share your thoughts!


  1. I would absolutely stand my ground, albeit politely, and NOT pay more for something than it is marked. I would and have been THAT lady. That's ridiculous.

  2. Anonymous12:14 AM

    You rock! ~Annie J. P.S. Yes I have been that lady. There are other lines people can go wait in!

  3. Oh my. When the store erupted in cheers I was cheering too! You had me on that one!

    I am totally THAT lady, too...

  4. Hi, my name is Heather! Please email me when you can, I have a question about your blog!


  5. Heather...just emailed you.

  6. Anonymous9:07 PM

    Yes! Yes! Yes! You were sooo right to stand your ground. Thanks for looking out for the Mommies. God Bless you too for setting them straight about the Nativity. I guess they sell that item all year round? HMMMM. Keep up the good work. Your little daughters look adorable! What a talented Mom you have.

    Conception from Idaho


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