Sunday, February 14, 2010

Then and Now

Happy Valentine's Day

In this photo, Greg and I had been married just two months. He went to Basic Training three weeks after we were married...and this is when I flew to San Antonio to visit him.

This picture is now just over three years old. It's not exaclty a "now" photo, but it's was our last professional pic taken. (Oct. 2006)

This photo was taken last September on our 18th anniversary. We've now been together 20 years....more than half our lives for BOTH of us. Even though we are still young (yes we are!), something about "20 YEARS" makes us feel old. But, after 18 1/2 years of marriage and 8 kids later, we are still crazy about eachother.

Happy Valentine's Day, Greg. You are still....and always will be the love of my life!

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