Sunday, June 15, 2008

Moving Update

What We've Been Up To

Celeste is our resident comedian. And while she's been a tremendous help during the moving process, she's been caught playing on more than one occasion!

Well, her humor was contagious so Daddy joined in............

Ready to be shipped off to China.........

Fun aside, we've been VERY busy preparing for our move. MOVE??? The Sabo's are moving??? I know, I have been very neglectful on the updates, so for those of you who haven't heard yet.........we're moving!

It's a long story but I'll give you the short version for now. A year ago we decided to build a house. Two months later we put our house on the market. New house was completed six months ago. Our house hadn't sold. New house went on market by builder. New house stayed empty (on the market) five months. YEA! We finally sold our house! Yea again! Call builder to say our house sold and we want new house! Builder says new house is under contract by another family! BOO HOO! We wait to see what will happen, but begin looking for another house. We check back. Still under contract. Check back again. Still under contract. Check back AGAIN. Contract is available. YEA! We sign contract for OUR house and now we're packing. The End.

Someday, I'll give the longer, more exciting version. At any rate, we're excited, eager and looking forward to move into our new home. God is good!

And I can't end this post without a cute picture of Genevieve, now 5 months!


  1. I'm so happy for y'all!!!!

  2. Cute baby pic! It looks like your DH and DD are having a ton of fun!! Congrats on getting the house!! I hope your moving goes smoothly!

  3. Adrienne8:51 PM

    Congrats on the house! You can't miss a Sabo kid with those beautiful blue eyes. :) Baby Geneivieve is too adorable for words, I still can't believe that she is already 5 months. Wow how time goes by.....

  4. So glad everything worked out! Yay! I know the stress of being "under contract" one a new house and trying to sell the old one. UGH! So glad that's done!

  5. Congrats, I am so happy that it worked out in the end...God has great plans!!! I also loved all the cute...and she is already 5 months....when did that happen, lol! When are you officially in the new house? Will you please email me the date and the new house address and phone # if that changes???? Love you

  6. What a pretty little girl you have. Congrats on the house. Can't wait to see picutes.

  7. Wow! You are finally moving. That is so great! I know most of that long story and I have to say, through the whole ordeal you and Greg had so much trust and patience in God's will. You guys are such a good example.


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